Refallen Writers

For the record, catching up is hard to do.  Over the past two months, my computer has gone kaput and my home internet is spotty at best.  After purchasing a new netbook two weeks ago, I’ve been busting my tail to catch up on blogs, writing, critiquing and AQConnect.  Not an easy task, in case you were wondering.

All this busy-ness makes me miss my “carefree” days as my computer languished in hospice and Kindle and I played friendly games of Scrabble between housework and homework…or not so friendly at times.

Lean in close: Kindle is a cheater head.

Refallen?  Really?  Thinking of this word in a sentence is like listening to plastic forks rub together.  I have refallen down the stairs.  I am a refallen angel.  The tree has refallen.   

Has anyone ever used that in a sentence?  If you have–and you weren’t drunk–please let me know and I’ll lighten up on Kindle.  As it is, only two literary examples come up in my internet search.  The first appearing in 1845 and the last appearing in a text in 1910.  Even refall only shows up twice, both in the 1800’s.

Can you imagine the agent who receives that word in a query letter?  Or the editor who finds it tucked away in a manuscript?  I wonder if they’d simply hit delete or actually check it out?

Although, I suppose that other than really naughty guardian angels and historical cities, writers might come the closest to living the word.

I know my writing life has definitely refallen into a state a chaos since my computer kacked.

Okay, I’ll grant those 30 points back, Kindle.

How about you?  Since school started up has your writing refallen?   Any other changes that turn your writing world topsy-turvy on a regular basis?  When chaos strikes, how do you regain your stability?  Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.


PS~ Spell check doesn’t count it as a word either.

*takes back the 30 points*

18 responses to “Refallen Writers

  1. i have lost several laptops and in the process lost files and some writing. In most cases it was a lull that recharged my brain. I am lucky however, in that i do send copies to myself and the attachment has languished in a sent mail folder.

    In that great fear of losing a year’s worth of work I might suggest a free solution.
    1. Open a gmail account.
    2, Up load every important file you really cant afford to lose into google documents

    Its a great service.

    • Thanks so much for weighing in on on salvaging my files. I do email–as often as I remember–myself. However, the “remember” part is where I go wrong!

      I agree that sometimes a lull in a daily routine–created by real life intrusion or cantankerous computers–can get us into a better frame of mind. It can be inspiring and motivating when we try to regain the time we’ve lost.


  2. Yeah, totally refallen. I went from 1k a day on the WIP to lucky to get 1k a week. I’ve re-adjusted myself and told Writer Me that she needs to be serious about herself again. She hasn’t gotten back to me yet though.

    • Well, if I see her, I’ll gag her, bind her and send her in the mail. But don’t you traditionally write the bulk of your work in the summer? So maybe not refallen, just resettling back into the old routine and mourning the death of a prolific summer?

  3. I have had my share of computer problems, and in the process, tried something I read about in Writer’s Digest (and I see that a commenter above is referencing the same thing!). I e-mail documents to myself after making any revisions, so that I always have the most up-to-the minute version of my work. In sent folders, of course. But I create the folders as “edited Defining Moments,” etc.

    I also save on a flash drive.

    You see, I’m paranoid about computer crashes that could wipe out months of work.

    After which I might resort to a “refallen” state.

    Sometimes I write a word, or even a sentence, and just stare at it for awhile going: huh??? And then I think: Oh, no, it’s happening. I’ve turned a dark corner and somehow lost whatever abilities I might have possessed.

    Does that ever happen to you?

    • Laurel, all good advice on the email back up plan.

      I know exactly which dark corner you’re talking about! Good luck finding your lost abilities. I know they can be stinkers sometimes. Maybe even more so than crashed computers. At least those we can’t take personally.


  4. I’m glad to see you are “rerisen” as a writer. I’m not sure I would qualify the change since the start of the school year as a fall. More like being a superball bounced down a hallway. Up, down, glancing off the wall in exhaustion, chased by the cat, its all good 🙂

    Just between us, all computers cheat versus humans (threaten to turn its power off and watch the glorified paper weights tremble).

    All the best to you, Cat. Great post!

    • Yeah, I totally get the conniving, capricious electronics. Who are they to think they rule the world when we control the power source?

      I hope your bouncing ball stops in an acceptable place and you don’t end up with whiplash from it all!

  5. If my geek friend resurrects my computer (and causes my bank account to “refall” as it so often does), then perhaps I’ll be able to rise again to the occasional occasion.

    • : )

      Dang technology. It sure can mess up an otherwise perfect world! I hope your computer, your friend and your bank account make their way back into your muse’s good graces. Because when muses fail…hey, can we back them up and reboot them when necessary?

  6. I have managed to balance the back to school issues by staying up later at night to get my writing done. This has resulted in black circles under my eyes and the occasional incoherent paragraph typed while falling a sleep. I think this is probably not the best method and seriously need to rethink it. I agree refallen is such a cheater word!

    • Sounds tiring, Ms. Woods. I would say you have refallen into poor sleeping habits due to an over-riding passion to write!

      Best luck getting back in balance, as I don’t want to see you posting here as the living dead.


  7. Since I’m still new to this whole networking/blogging/tweeting/being social thing, it’s all giving my head for a spin. On top of that I’ve actually gotten some very good beta-readers, so doing my edits, reviewing their comments and then critiquing their chapters in turn gets added to the plate as well. not to mention wanting to actually get work done on my next ms or, I don’t know, take a moment to do something NOT writing related, like watch a movie or, heaven forbid, take a nap??

    No real solution to suggestion unfortunately besides just taking a big deep breath and picking one task at a time. Like today, I decided I was going to catch up on my watched bloggers. Just about done with that, haven’t gotten any editing done today but I know tomorrow I won’t feel guilty for the increasing amount of unread emails in my WordPress folder lol.

    • Maybe that’s it. Maybe I have to let go of the guilt at being behind and just work on going forward from here. I mean, there’s obviously no way I can go back and read every blog post from July to now. And I suppose I need to keep my priorities in tact: I’m a writer. Catch up on my writing first.

      Thanks for helping me feel an eency bit better about this!

      • I usually find that if I’m upfront with people they tend to be more understanding about things and if not well, sucks to be them. They’ll understand 🙂 I mean if I don’t check my stuff for a weekend I’ve got like 10 – 15 to go through, not counting comments, I can’t begin to imagine the horror that must be your inbox!

        And, no problem! 🙂

      • LOL, I do know that I’m nowhere nearly as social as Jemi, for instance. If have fifty to go through, she must have hundreds. There are so many great people writing great things that it becomes hard to follow them all. Commenting on every one–especially if the comment feature isn’t working properly–can be nearly impossible.

  8. And ‘refallen’ really? I think a friend at work was doing a word search puzzle and on the list it had ‘ungood’. Yea. Kinda makes you cringe a little huh?

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