Contact Tip for Writers

Yesterday, I set off on a journey to track down some of my fellow scribes and got broadsided by something that has been niggling at me for a while now.

I couldn’t find contact info for half of my blogging buddies.  Seriously.  Short of viewing their whole profiles at Blogger–which don’t even get me started on my hate-love-hate relationship with them–I couldn’t find a way to contact my cyber friends.  Yes, you.

Dude, seriously.  If you want peeps to track you down, you have to make it simple.  I mean, what if I had been an agent stumbling across your gorgeous prose?  What if I searched my little heart out and couldn’t find your email address?  What if I tried to leave you a comment and Blogger hated me like it hates…er, me?

(I digress into a much-needed, side rant: in the past two weeks, I’ve had more comments eaten by Blogger than in my entire history of blogging.  So if you’re missing a comment or ten from moi, don’t look at me.)

All I’m sayin’ is that you need to make yourself accessible.  Spell out your email address (amazing(dot)writer(at)email(dot)com) and leave it someplace easy to find.  BTW, I spelled it out this way because when I typed it in normally–amazing.writer…–it actually tried to link to that address.  My point being, sometimes people need to see the physical address so they can use it.  Not everyone surfing the net is as tech-savvy as you are.

Secondly–yes, you three know who you are–allow me to subscribe to your blog in every way, shape, manner or form you can think of.  Email subscription?  Yep.  RSS feed?  Check.  Subscribe via Google?  Uh huh.

We all follow and read updated blog posts differently depending on our time, tech savvy-ness and inclination.  If you don’t make it easy, you’ll lose the opportunity to swindle allow readers to easily follow your posts.

For example, nothing makes me happier than receiving an email update with your newest post right in my gmail account.  I can read and delete or read and go forth to comment based on my time.  Even if I don’t have time, I’m still exposed to your blog each and every time you say something fantastically new and can read it on my phone while waiting to pick up my kids at the dentist.

But if I have to go to my office, log onto my computer as well as my blog and click on your name on my sidebar…well, here’s the time to admit that I don’t always visit my own blog every day.  In other words, if I’m not at my own home port, I surely will not be at yours.

And while it looks really cool to have all those smiling follower-faces on Blogger, I don’t do Blogger.  I know lots of writers and readers who don’t do Blogger.  Who would love to read your words every day, but don’t Follow anyone, anywhere.  They don’t want to make Blogger accounts and log in to see what’s up.  Think about it.  How many grannies smile back at you from your sidebar?  I mean those who don’t blog themselves?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  But I have just as many subscriptions to my blog from non-writers as I do follows from my writing and blogging friends.

So, do yourself a favor. Connect all your social networking homes to each other.  Make it easy for readers to stalk follow you from one place to another with minimal effort.  Doing this provides easy opportunities for your readers to enjoy your words.

And by all means, let me know how to get a hold of you in case I have a writing opportunity I’d like to share.

Do you make yourself easy to find, or are you stuck somewhere between peeking out of the closet door and throwing it wide open?  When was the last time you cleaned up your cyber accounts to make sure all your contact info is available and up to date?  Lastly, have you ever been contacted about a writing gig or some other opportunity based on your online work?  If so, imagine what would have happened if you hadn’t made yourself easily accessible.

Curious minds want to know.

23 responses to “Contact Tip for Writers

  1. You know, I hadn’t even realized that there was no contact information on my blog. I mean when I first set it up I thought about doing a contact form or something, but I dismissed it thinking ‘Who would want to talk to little ol’ me?’

    After reading this I actually went and edited my ‘Author’ page and added my email address. I used to have a Tumblr but I quickly learned I didn’t like it’s format so it’s last post says that I’ve moved to WordPress. I used to have a blogger but at the time didn’t have anything to blog about, that says I moved to Tumblr (which I should just edit to say I’ve moved to WordPress rather than have people site-hop)

    You know what I’ve noticed though, if I google ‘ef jace’ I get everything BUT my wordpress, is that because the name of my wordpress isn’t efjace? I’m wondering if maybe I should change it to that. I mean, pretty much everything that pops up on that first page of google results is mine, except the thing I frequent the most! That can’t be good.

    • Hmmm, sounds like it could be part of the problem. Although, depending on how new your WordPress blog is, it may just take some time to build the hits you need. Do you have efjace anywhere on your wordpress blog so that connection can be made?

      The whole google thing can be interesting and frustrating.


  2. LOL I DID try to get blogger to do many of these things and I’m never real sure of my success. I THINK the twitter button works. I have NO idea if the mail button works. I’ve tried on several occasions to test it, but have no confidence in the results. Even my followers list sometimes vanishes for days at a time and I fear I’ve lost everyone, only to have them return magically. All of which is why I do not trust blogger and plan to build a designed website once I can pay for it. 😀 That said: victoria[_]Dixon[@][msn].com

    • I love you, Victoria! You make me laugh. And I have nothing against Blogger–inherently–other than Blogger seems to hate me. Although, interestingly enough, some Blogger blogs always let me leave a message while others eat my comments like they’re snarfing Milk Duds during a movie.

      One thing I do is send one link to my sister and have her check out all the features. If she can navigate from one site to the next and back again without any trouble, then I know I’m good.

      Hugs and here’s hoping to find you with a beautiful, fully function site in the future~

  3. I still have two sites on Blogger, but most of my life is on Word Press. Someone once pointed out to me that they couldn’t find my e-mail address—and this was back when I was fairly new, so I appreciated the heads-up—so now I have that info in my “About Me” section in the sidebar. Along with the e-mail subscription and follow by RSS feed.

    But it took that “heads-up” to realize.

    Cute post…I like all the cross-outs. They brought a smile to my face….

    • Your experience is exactly why we need to make ourselves accessible to our potential readers. It’s always nice to know people are looking out for each other in such a competitive field. It’s one reason I love the writing community so much.

      Thanks for sharing, and glad I could bring a bit of sunshine your way!


  4. And don’t forget a nice, easy to spot, contact tab or section on your author website.

    Great Post!

    • Absolutely.

      And if anyone wants to see a great, user friendly blog, you should visit Sophie’s. Clean, easy to navigate and very professional. We could all learn a thing or two from her. Not to mention, she has a novel coming out in a handful of months!

  5. Cat, blogger hates me too! It regularly eats my comments and is generally mean to me.

    I think my contact info is pretty easy to find. I put a “click the pic to get my contact info” in my “about me” bit, and I also list my Twitter and Facebook. I need to add Google + now . . .

    And decide whether or not I want to rename my blog . . .

    • Your blog is beautiful, Michelle. It is a definite reflection of who you are and how you roll. Just curious, what would you rename it?

      • Aww thanks for the kind words on my blog.

        If I did a rename it would be to something that has my name in it, or part of my name, or something. But since I think my name sounds more like the name of someone who would do your taxes than like someone who could write a fantastic paranormal or dark fantasy novel … I just don’t know.

        That’s why I’m just leaving it as is for now!

      • Well, for what it’s worth, I love your name–both your tax name and your bloggerly one!

  6. You want to hear something funny? I actually had to double check my blog to make sure I had all that information listed. I do, amazingly enough.

    I have an mailbox graphic to click for contact info. which sends you to my email. RSS and Twitter icons as well. Not to mention my email is also located on my profile page which is easily accesible from my blog.

    I can’t tell you how many times someone has left a comment and I haven’t been able to email them back, because there was no contact info. to be found anywhere. Admittedly I could/should work on my people skills and respond more often. I tend to be a bit of a shy introvert.

    The one thing I’m debating since Blogger is so very touchy is changing my email to correspond with my name. One that is a bit…less frightening at least. (Hugs)Indigo

  7. I can understand that completely. When i get home tonight ill have to do this. Great advice.

  8. A lot of my comments have disappeared lately too – only on a couple of blogs, but it is so frustrating!

    You’ve got me going. I didn’t know my contact tab didn’t work. Still doesn’t (as I can’t figure out how to fix it), but I’ve added my email to the side bar. I did add RSS a few weeks ago. Now to see what you mean about subscribing by Google…

    • The good news is that you have an email subscription that works beautifully. It’s how I get your lovely words brought directly to me each time you update. I love it and thank you from the bottom of my heart for making that so simple.

      Hugs and best luck getting all your little glitches figured out.

  9. I’m new to this technique! Good thing I’ve stumbled upon your blog in Google. Thanks for the tips.

  10. hwa! it ate your comments, too! and i thought it was just me. (tried leaving a comment for antic not too long ago and it magically disappeared. sigh…)

    • Frustrating, isn’t it?!?!? Sometimes I just stare at the long list of other commenters who got to have their voice and wonder, “Why, oh why, can’t I leave a simple comment behind, too?”

  11. I don’t do Blogger either, and I hid my “followers” when WordPress decided to show how many “subscribers” I have! 😉 And I’ve put my email on the contact page, so when Lynda Williams followed a ping-back, she contacted me from there for my guest post at Clarion. And other people used the email there. But you’re right that often authors don’t bother to add a “contact me” page/link. Neither on WP nor on Blogger. Doh.

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