Flashback Friday: Spell Check Mad Libs

As a kid I loved playing Mad Libs with my sister and friends.  The silly party game could be why I enjoy writing so much.  It might also be responsible for my love of lyrical prose and my inability to outgrow quirky juvenile fiction.  It quite possibly is the reason so much description creeps into first drafts these days.

But I’m not here to bash adverbs and adjectives.  I’m here to tell you a secret.  Spell Check plays Mad Libs with me every time it edits my posts.

For instance, my post on Youngest getting into a playground scuffle?  SC wanted to substitute trousers for tusslers:

…the two trousers made see-ya-at-school-tomorrow faces at each other.

Seriously funny stuff, right?  Not to mention a-w-k-w-a-r-d!

Or how about this one?  (You may need to click on it to see it better.)

Yeah, it kinda cracked me up too.  SC insisted that marinating is not a word and begged me to exchange it for laminating…or worse.

My Little Sister cheekily donned her editor’s cap and fixed my post so I wouldn’t be embarrassed about my manuscript marinating in public.

Spell Check Mad Libs.  Gotta love it!

Did you play Mad Libs as a kid?  What other silly games did you play to occupy your time and stretch your imagination?  Do you think certain games may have jump-started the passions and hobbies you have today?

Curious minds want to know!

*”My Dream Man” from The Original Mad Libs, copyright 1988

4 responses to “Flashback Friday: Spell Check Mad Libs

  1. I credit my paper dolls for fueling my desire to tell stories. 🙂 Mad Libs were so much fun, especially when my sister and I made our own.

  2. Oh, yes. The homemade ones were the best. Ironically, my sis and I had books of paper cities. Not dolls so much, but I distinctly remember an entire western themed one with trains and horses and cowboys…

    Things were much simpler then, weren’t they?

  3. Yeah….paper dolls. Used to love those. We played hide and seek in the haymow and ghost and chase-your-younger-brother-with-his-own-bat. You know crazy stuff like that. Don’t even get me started on spell check.

    • LOL! The chase your brother game sounds fun! Living in the country is great for unleashing a child’s imagination. The world holds endless possibilities.

      Spell Check, yeah, he’s kinda tempermental at times. Good thing we have our own internal SCs.

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