Unlock your inner flamingo!

Yesterday, Kana Tyler shared a beautiful story about the flamboyant flamingoes that migrated to her yard as a child.  If you haven’t read Kana’s Notebook, I urge you to take a peek now.

As it is, I’m borrowing her beautiful flamingo stamp and passing along her words of thanks to you.

 Dear Readers, thank you for following my blog.  Thank you for taking time each day/week/month to share my journey.  Whether you’ve subscribed to my blog on purpose, stumbled across it while looking for pictures of trees or popped by after seeing me around the blogosphere (and wondered who the heck I am), I appreciate your support.  Knowing I’m not alone in my journey through the woods means the world to me.

Dear Commenters, thank you for sharing your perspectives on my blog.  It lets me know my words make an impact, however small, on somebody’s life, somewhere.  Every comment leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy inside, as if a flock of flamingoes have greeted me with the morning sun.

The incredible writing community could not be possible without you.  You and your fellow writers, bloggers and friends.  If you love and value your readers and commenters, please Flamingo them in whichever way you choose.  If you would like to be a member of my Flamboyant Flock, grab the badge and display it on your blog.  All I ask is that you give credit back to Kana for her whimiscal artwork and fabulous message.

Which reminds me.  Thank you, Kana, for creating such an inspiring gift to share with friends, family and fellow bloggers.

And now I’m curious: why do you comment on blogs?  What holds you back from signing your John Hancock?  Why do you read them in the first place?

4 responses to “Unlock your inner flamingo!

  1. I read blogs for knowledge, information and entertainment. I have so many in my Google Reader (categorized as Agents, ACQ, Writers, Friends, Informational, etc.) I could literally spend all day reading blogs. Therefore, I scan many of them, stopping to read more carefully when something in the post appeals to me.

    I comment because, as a blogger, I know how important it is to receive comments and feedback on posts.

    What holds me back is time–pure and simple. There aren’t enough minutes in the day. I’d love to comment more and spend lots of time in discussions and forums, but it takes away from writing time. I don’t need more distractions. Therefore, I only tend to comment occasionally, when I feel compelled to do so.

    • Kay,

      Thanks so much for leaving this comment! They are time suckers, aren’t they? Particularly when someone has already said the same thing or when the comment feature becomes dominating and refuses you passage. But you are right, comments make the whole process of blogging seem worthwhile.

      *sending hugs and a few extra minutes your way*

  2. I read blogs because–well, I’m a READER. 😉 And there’s SO much great stuff out here in Blogland… I’m going to have to ration my reading-time if I’m going to make the NaNo challenge…. 😉
    Thanks for spreading the Flamingos around–we’ll have fun seeing where they show up! 🙂

    • I hope your adorable flamingo spreads oodles of joy throughout the writing community. Thanks so much for sharing them.

      Good luck on reaching your NaNo certificate. It’s never easy when there is so much to read whenever a writer’s block strikes. Must remember to unplug the internet to avoid such temptations!

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