Author Loyalty

This morning, Dear Hubby started packing.  His hunting gear taunted our geriatric lab as she watched him pile guns, boots, jackets and shock collars.  She got herself so worked up, she was foaming at the mouth and quivering by the time Eldest lifted her into the back of the truck.

Truth be told, I feel that way about certain authors and their new releases.

While I never camped out in front of a book store for two days, it nearly killed me to wait for each new installment of The Hunger Games trilogy and The Bartemaeus Trilogy.  I’m still drooling for Bitterblue.  Likewise, I darn near gave myself hives waiting for the release of Jackson Pearce’s Sweetly.

Back in the day–when our family didn’t have a television set, we lived smack dab in the middle of cornfields and our only library was the teeny traveling bus visiting from lands unknown–I had no clue when my favorite author of the time would release her next book.  Scholastic book orders were my literary life line.

One day, I’d open the book order and see the cover for the first time.  Descriptions didn’t matter.  The author’s name did.  At home I’d meticulously fill out the book order and drop my ninety-nine cents in an envelope.

My method of book-buying has changed.  Now I keep very close tabs on the authors I adore.  I know when their next books will be released and have preordered some because I’m impatient and me-centric when it comes to reading.  I’m also fiercely loyal to my beloved authors.

Give me a great book and I’m  yours.  Give me two and I’ll grovel at your feet.  I’d even exchange my first born for your next release if I thought you’d want a 17-year-old who looks like my hubby.

In some ways, I’m an author stalker.  I’ll buy e and dead tree versions.  I’ll follow you across genres and age groups.  I’ll even buy your nonfic when it comes out–and I don’t read biographies.  But only if you deliver.  Otherwise, your paper back will be tucked into a box in the basement, only to come out for the library book sale fundraiser.

Dear readers, do you have a bad case of author loyalty?  If so, which authors do you love and why?  Are you willing to genre hop with your beloved author or are you more apt to find a replacement the moment BA writes outside your preferred reading list?  What kinds of things make you ditch your BA in favor of a new beloved?

Curious minds want to know.

*Also, check out our MAD review of Want to Go Private? to get the teen perspective of Sarah Darer Littman’s engaging novel on cyber predators.

14 responses to “Author Loyalty

  1. I’ve been “stalking” Robert Jordan for two decades now–since the day a complete stranger in a bookstore grabbed my arm to tell me, “You HAVE to read this book!” A dozen (1,000-plus-page) books later, I was in as much excited suspense as I’d been 20 years earlier… When Mr. Jordan was so inconsiderately as to DIE before finishing. I don’t mean to make light of anyone’s death–but Oh. My. God!

    Happily for his Readers, RJ disclosed the story-plan to his wife and a close friend on his deathbed, and those two have chosen a writer who’s doing a marvelous job of carrying on. (whew.) I hope RJ is up there knowing how appreciated he has been. 🙂

    • Love it! Sometimes the best finds are the unexpected ones. How cool is it that you were introduced to one of your favorite authors on a stranger’s whim? That we can only be so awesome as writers someday that we have readers shouting in public!

      Thanks for sharing this awesome literary introduction.

  2. (auto”correct” strikes again… That should have been “inconsiderate.” Obviously. If you’re not an Apple-product, that is…)

    • *dismisses auto correct*

      No worries. We all have our technologically “superior” counterparts that do their best to make us appear less intelligent than we really are.

  3. I’m a loyal reader too. I have a few author “crushes” so I patiently wait for their next book and buy them as soon as they come out. Laini Taylor, for instance, is one of my absolute favorites. Also Rick Yancey, Kathleen Duey, and Brenna Yovanoff (to name a few). 🙂

  4. I am WAY loyal, but they can lose me. I once followed a wide list of authors, but any more the only writer I can think of that I’m still slavishly devoted to is Guy Gavriel Kay. I even sent to Canada once because his book wasn’t available in the U.S. I bought 3 copies of the book and made them presents, too. LOL Kay I love more for his characterizations than anything, though there’s nothing lacking in his worlds. They’re more historically, based, though, so there are usually few surprises from him regarding world building.
    Now I have found two new authors whose stories I can’t put down: Peter V. Brett and Patrick Rothfuss. Both of them have all the wondrous world building of Rowlings, but the stories are adult. Anyone who has followed me as long as you have will know, I LOVE settings, so you know these guys are good, right? ;D

  5. tashaseegmiller

    I completely have author loyalty – I pre-order books, go visit all the countdown widgets, totally buy into the hype.

    Reminds me of “Hopelessly Devoted” from Grease…

    • LOL! Just like that song. I’m the same way. I couldn’t wait for Mockingjay to come out and knew it would be a whole week before I hit a book store. Bought it on kindle when it rolled off the e-press, then snagged the hardcover for the bookshelf on my trip to the city a few days later.

      I’m hopeless, too!

  6. Oh, how I loved Scholastic Books! For longer than my schoolmates, I might add.

    I definitely author-stalk, to a degree. I don’t lurk outside their windows, but I look for blogs and look for pre-orders on Amazon, short stories in collections, and the like. I in fact don’t care about genre at all, and happily read Science Fiction and Fantasy, then switch to “literary” (or mainstream) fiction for the next book I crack open. Really, I think it’s a shame that people seem to think that an author needs to choose.

    • So true, Jennifer. I always find it inspiring when a great author can pen satisfying works across genres.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      P.S. I still love Scholastic book orders. I get a bit giddy when my little boys bring them home. The prices are a tad bit more than the old days, but they are still affordable to almost anyone.

  7. Love many authors…I read mostly 20th cnetury historicals, mysteries and women’s fiction (not chick lit, though) Faves are Jeffrey Deaver, John Grisham, Nora Roberts, Sue Grafton, Michael Connelly, Daniel Silva, Barbara Delinsky, Harlan Coben, James Rollins and so many more. just wish i had more time to read.

    • Alas, the clock does not stop when we pick up a favorite author…so sad.

      You’ve got a great list of authors there. I’ve enjoyed a few of them myself over the years.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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