Treading the Water of Life…

…while the sharks are circling.

I’m 640 words behind on NaNo.   Which means today I have to write about 2,300 words just to get caught up.  Then starts Saturday, just in time for me to don the kneepads for our volleyball tourney and fluff the pillows (read chase off the dust bunnies) for our out-of-town guests.  This wonderful non-writing interlude puts me in line to be 3,333 words behind come Monday morning.

So, I either have to write like heck today and crank out nearly 6,000 words or do so on Monday, because then we get to add another 1,667 words to the NaNoTaskMaster.  Which is like adding a 50 pound weight around my neck and throwing more sharks into the pool.

Life Lesson 1: Stay in the life raft, because beating off sharks with your bare fists while treading water and holding a brick above your head is dang hard.

In other news: I got to help a stranded motorist this morning while wearing my jammie pants, DH’s oversized sweatshirt, DD’s knit slouchy boots and bed head.

Life Lesson 2: Do not drop the boys off at school looking like a freak.  Translated to mean: don’t be a freak, because you never know who might see you.

And speaking of my Little’s, they both threatened to leave me because, “You always make us clean our room.  You like everything to be so clean all the time.  We can’t even go in there except to sleep.  We can’t even play anymore.  What fun is that?  We might as well not even live here.”

Note to y’all: Said cleanliness meant no more eating Halloween candy in their room and throwing the wrappers under their beds and behind the bookshelf.  It also meant putting dirty laundry in the laundry room, not on the floor.  I think I may have been so cruel as to bring up making their beds and putting their minefield of Legos back on the Lego table, though I totally left the dust bunnies out of the equation and said nothing about their overflowing dresser drawers.

Life Lesson 3: I am a mean mom.

Truly I am.  Because I also got roped into a high school joke that almost made my daughter cry last night.  Our quasi new son asked Eldest why he broke up with his girlfriend.  Eldest gleefully played along and said his GF (who would never, ever be naughty) cheated on him.  This was said in front of their mutual friend while they ate pizza at the counter.  It would have been a funny joke on Mutual Friend had it not spread like a bad case of teenage acne.

MF promptly texted his girlfriend who was with DD who texted unsuspecting me who broached Eldest who then had to call GF in case someone at the French party texted her about what a horrible girl she was for cheating on Eldest.

Within five minutes the whole world was crying over the break up.

Which leads me to my final Life Lesson of the Week: Be careful what you say, because bad news travels at the speed of light.

Remember high school?  Enough said.

May your life jacket be buoyant and the sharks few!


6 responses to “Treading the Water of Life…

  1. Oh, I do recall the teenage angst! And how small expectations seem like cruel and unusual punishment.

    Wearing pajama pants while out and about reminds me of that old saying of mothers everywhere: always have “clean underwear in case of an accident.”

    That probably applies to PJs, but who hasn’t done that very thing?

    It made me chuckle, though, which is a good thing.

    • LOL, I’m sure the lady I helped (who was old enough to have her spare panties in her van glove compartment) simply wanted to get me and my dirty PJs far away from her!

      And on the parenting note: our home is full of cruel and unusual punishment! So many small expectations to be had.

  2. Yikes! High school was tough enough with the dangers of text messags. Rumours spread so dang fast these days. And there is no font for sarcasm and jokes. We really need to invent that!

    Have fun in the tournament! And let NaNo happen as it happens. Don’t let it add to your stress (I say as if it doesn’t stress me out completely!!!)

    • So true, Jemi. So much gets lost in the translation with no facial expression or tone of voice to help us out. Definitely need to invent the sarcasm font.

      We won our tourney. Thirteen games in six hours. My body still hurts!

  3. I remember lesson #2 well.
    Back in the day it included NOT dropping the kids off in a station wagon or minivan in addition to dress code standards for parents. Of course, the block-away-from-school drop off also worked for the kids. Now I am experiencing another round of this with out 5th grader – the 21st century edition.

    Am lovin’ NaNoWriMo! The only stress I experienced so far was the laptop crash, but I went in a back door & copied things into a text doc to a USB drive – then I was able to fix the laptop’s ‘missing’ file.
    Having many days off work has also helped with writing. I’m hoping to have time remaining for a good secondary edit..

    • LOL! Twenty-first century parenting is quite interesting, isn’t it?

      So happy NaNo is working well for you. Crashes are never fun, but when you have the know how to keep going you’re in in good shape. Keep those words flowing!

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