Afraid of the Flush: Writing Fears

Sock Dog returned from her first hunting trip a few weeks ago.  I cannot repeat in public Dear Hubby’s choice words over her performance.  So, off she went to a different dog trainer.

The verdict?

Sock Dog, the almighty pheasant hunter, is afraid of the flush.  She’s got a great nose, she’s enthusiastic and athletic.  She’s everything a great hunting lab should be–except terrified of the birds when they flush from the tall grasses.

Ever get the feeling that writers are no different?

It’s like we’re bred to write, but we’re afraid of success.  We hear the flutter of wings in the distance and drop back behind others.  We allow fear (of success, of failure, of ourselves) to paralyze us and keep us from taking that next step.

Anyone else ever feel this way?  How do you overcome the fear of the imagined and take the next step that will lead you to the very thing you’ve been dreaming of?  How do you learn to delight in the flush regardless of whether or not you get the bird?

Curious minds want to know.

6 responses to “Afraid of the Flush: Writing Fears

  1. When you find out, let me know. 😦

  2. I tell myself that this might be the very last opportunity I will get to do this. These days it’s so much easier to convince myself of this possibility. 😦

    • I hear you on that and ditto the sad face. This business can be tough and it’s only getting tighter as the publishing landscape changes.

      Hopefully we will all get to see our time and hard work turn into something.


  3. Sorry I’m so behind on this one. There are a tow sayings I love: (1) Feel the fear and do it anyway; (2) courage is fear that has said its prayers.

    I know I’m at that fear of failure/success, etc. At present, I’m adjusting my expectation of myself and taking steps to identify what’s holding me back. Lack of time and quiet space doesn’t help so I’m also trying to figure out a different way to tackle the writing I still so want to do.

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing it 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Joanna. I love your second saying and find a great deal of comfort in it.

      And to add to our writerly conundrum is the ever changing landscape of publishing. There are so many variables for us to contend with–the least of which is ourselves at times.

      Hang in there! Your time and space will come!


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