Daily Archives: January 10, 2012

In which I have nothing to say…

The Christmas tree is still up (though on its way down), Middle Son has been sick with a 104 temp and I’m laboring over a novel edit.  Sadly, it’s too nice to be anywhere inside taking care of sick kids, errant holiday decorations and recalcitrant MC’s.

Alas, however, such is the life of a Stay at Home Mom/Full-time Writer.

  • cuddles up with Middle and his chicken noodle soup
  • ponders plot holes while watching Christmas tree bulbs glimmer in the sunlight
  • listens to Sock Dog snoring in her kennel–not eating socks, not retching them up, just snoozing peacefully

And now I feel better.  It’s a beautiful day to be a mom and writer.

Peace and happiness to all my bloggerly readers!