In which I have nothing to say…

The Christmas tree is still up (though on its way down), Middle Son has been sick with a 104 temp and I’m laboring over a novel edit.  Sadly, it’s too nice to be anywhere inside taking care of sick kids, errant holiday decorations and recalcitrant MC’s.

Alas, however, such is the life of a Stay at Home Mom/Full-time Writer.

  • cuddles up with Middle and his chicken noodle soup
  • ponders plot holes while watching Christmas tree bulbs glimmer in the sunlight
  • listens to Sock Dog snoring in her kennel–not eating socks, not retching them up, just snoozing peacefully

And now I feel better.  It’s a beautiful day to be a mom and writer.

Peace and happiness to all my bloggerly readers!


15 responses to “In which I have nothing to say…

  1. Lol, your week sounds like mine…3 year-old sick with a stomach bug and fever, plus my poor dying tree is desperately trying to hold on to it’s ornaments and I just signed up for Mary Kole’s PB webinar for this Thursday! Life is busy and good. BTW this is Charlie Eve (waves hi)…my new website is….I got crazy and used my real name on it. hehe

    • Hi, Charlie!

      I miss you oodles and oodles. Hope all is going well and so glad to see you back in the ring…albeit the illustration ring. I didn’t know you had talent like that. The kind that makes me turn green whenever I draw my stick figures!

      You go, girl!

  2. Ten seconds before I read your post, I typed the words “doggie biscuits.”

  3. I think our trees are in the same condition. Mine has been denuded of ornaments. Now watch as soon as all the Christmas decorations are down we’ll get the snow we missed in Decemember. Sorry to hear Middle is sick. Sending healthy vibes. (Hugs)Indigo

    • It did start to snow. As soon as I grabbed all the holiday goodies from their perches and replaced them with my everyday decor.

      Thanks for the vibes. It worked!!!

  4. At least you got a tree up, with lights AND ornaments. We had a tree with lights, and then added ornaments recieved as gifts. When the tree came down last week it had ten whole ornaments on it. Life can be busy. Yet I know that I did well by my kids and my husband, with lots of attention and commitment to family activities. Every day, week and month we choose our priorities – and the often shift. A little more here, a little less there. To me that is what balance is; the constant shifting. Cuddling, pondering and listening are the balance of this day, for you.

  5. I’ve got one tree down, one to go. But the one left is much bigger than me, and I keep looking at it like a wrestler, not a housekeeper. I have to remember I’m smarter than it.

  6. I hope he feels better soon. Don’t worry about that Christmas tree. I’m always tempted to leave mine up because I like it so much.

    • He’s feeling tons better now. Whew, it’s our first bout of serious sickness this school year, so I shouldn’t complain.

      As to the tree, I would love to have a pine tree in my house. They are gorgeous. However, once the needles dry out and start to fall off…not so pretty any more. Especially on the floor!


  7. Those trees didn’t stand a chance against me this year. I even took down my parents’ tree. Funny thing is, my dad didn’t even notice until he went to go take it down! ;P

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