Daily Archives: January 18, 2012

Blacked Out: taking the what-if approach

Online research today may be a bit more difficult to come by as sites across the web are silent in protest of proposed legislation. 

The writer in me asks, “What if these sites remained black?”

What if?  Truly.

The old part of me–the precomputer craze and easy information access part–says, “So what?”  Twenty years ago, we went to libraries, read newspapers and watched the news.  We held human conversations with those who had more knowledge than us.  We still learned.

The traditional publishing part of me says, “Yay!  Dead tree books will stay alive forfreakinever.”

The human rights part of me says, “Holy crap, here comes 1984.”

And for those who don’t know about George Orwell’s novel, I’d provide the link–except you’d get sent to a blank screen–which makes my gesture meaningless and your ability to read free information nonexistent.

So…what if?  You decide.