School Presentations: Best. Rush. Ever!

I just got home from speaking to a fourth grade class about writing.

Nothing beats it.  Inquisitive faces staring back at you: wide-eyed, cringing, grinning, laughing all by the power of your words.

Thanks, Mrs. S, for the great opportunity!

If you’d like to know more about school presentations, please join me next Wednesday over at From the Write Angle.



4 responses to “School Presentations: Best. Rush. Ever!

  1. Ah, you’ve hit on exactly what I enjoyed about TEACHING! 🙂 Though in my case, the list also included “blowing stuff up” (I taught chemistry)… Former students (all grown up now, wow) still greet me with “BOOM!” 🙂

  2. That’s awesome. I used to love having writers come in to talk to classes when I was a librarian. Someday as a writer I’d like to go in and chat. Nerve wracking idea though!

  3. See this is why you rock, Cat and why I gave you a Liebster Blog Award…check it out here

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