Spring Fevers Anthology: It’s Contagious!

I’m so old my first published material was printed on dead tree scrolls under a completely different name.  But, alas, technology has advanced, my byline has changed and trees don’t always make the cut for showcasing the upcoming talent of new writers.

Enter a refreshing digital anthology.

Edited by successful freelance writer, Matt Sinclair, this unique collection of short stories has enough variety to entice readers of all genres and ages.

From the gentle brush of a first kiss to the last poignant farewell, SPRING FEVERS explores relationships–the good, the bad and the very different.

Not to mention, it features some of my favorite writers.

So, before winter gets the best of you, catch your copy of SPRING FEVERS on Smashwords or Amazon.

~Cat (author of Annabelle, SPRING FEVERS, 2012)



8 responses to “Spring Fevers Anthology: It’s Contagious!

  1. It certainly is contagious!! I can’t wait to read your story and all the rest of them too.

    • Thanks, Laura. I see e-anthologies as last decade’s print magazines. While some great magazines are still being printed, the art of short story telling isn’t given much chance to grow as the economic climate has changed and fewer readers buy dead tree copies.

      It’s an exciting (yet sometimes scary) time to be a writer.

      I hope others appreciate the great voices found in Spring Fevers and that more e-anthologies are put together for readers who appreciate well-written bite-size stories. Succinct writing can really help writers hone their craft.

  2. Woohoo! I’ve got my copy already!! 🙂

  3. I keep finding myself opening the book and rereading these stories. So many wonderful characters! And I had an Annabelle moment this past weekend. Sad, beautiful, and touchingly human.

    • I do too! Talk about being non-productive over it all. I keep finding more depth to the stories the more I visit them.

      You did a beautiful job!

      I hope your Annabelle moment moves on to better, brighter things. New beginnings and fond memories.

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