Get Up and Write, Already!

This morning Middle and Youngest sons pounded the ivory keys at 6:20.  For some reason, the only time Middle wants to practice is when the rest of the world sleeps (ie, big sis who sleeps directly under the piano–one floor down).

But I’m no different.  My absolute favorite time to write is the minute I wake up.  For some reason, my creative juices are more creative when the sky is still dark and the world slumbers on.  Yet, I have four kids who need to get ready for school, two dogs who need to go potty and a Dear Hubby I love bonding with over a cup of morning coffee.  Not exactly conducive to early morning muse sessions.

Even so, it’s six thirty and I’m writing.  In between saying goodbye to DH, getting bowls of Berry Berry Kix for the boys and listening to my zombie teens arise from the detritus of their beds.

Nike has it right.  Just do it.

Get up and write, already.  Tickle the ivories, quilt the next block or swish a three pointer.

In other words, get in touch with your body’s natural rhythms and use them to your advantage.  Don’t apologize for being the odd one up–whether it’s because you wrote through the night or woke before the sun ever thought to stretch its rays across the land.

Through trial and error, I’ve learned that you need far less time to accomplish great things if you let your body/fingers/brains lead the way.

When are you the most efficient, creative or motivated?  What real life things get in the way of this time, and how do you overcome them? 

Curious minds want to know.

PS: a little SPRING FEVER side note.  The writers, designers and editors featured within the e-pages have graciously traded any pay for a byline.  All profits will be donated to charity, so feel free to spread the news–and the wealth.


6 responses to “Get Up and Write, Already!

  1. Now I’m wishing I had an e-reader. PDF files are just ok. “Working for a living” gets in my creative way, and now I gotta go!

    • There are small inconveniencies like that in life. Hopefully yours won’t interfere too much!

      Congrats on your second round placement in your contest. Fingers crossed.

  2. I like writing in the morning, too, and also the late afternoon. My most productive seasons are spring and summer. Nature coming alive again and the increasing sunshine and warmth gives me energy and I’m excited to create!

    That’s very nice of you all to donate the proceeds to charity! What a wonderful way to give back.

    • It’s always so interesting to hear when others have productive times. I’ve never thought in terms of seasons before. HOpe your spring is filled with great new stories!

  3. Early mornings are my productive times. When I still had my “day job,” I recall getting up at 4:30 or so to write before I left for work.

    I still like to write in the early morning hours.

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