Welcome to My Writing World: Piglandia

As some of you know, I’m a closet pig.  Sadly, this has oozed into my weekend and I’m now living in Piglandia.

Last week, my speech team prepared for sub-sections in a marathon of late night practices.  Adding to the mix were final preps for the Children’s Theatre of which I had two boys in, taxied a third to and fundraised for.  (And yes, I am fully aware that every one of those phrases ended with a preposition.  Sorry Mrs. Kirkeby.)  Throw in a baseball sign up night and an absent DH for a few days and you can see where this is heading…

Somehow, I managed to keep things relatively ordered–until the curtain opened on Friday night.  When the final act closed on Sunday afternoon, I felt like I had been home a total of five hours all weekend.

My house might disagree.  After all, how could I have left seven pairs of shoes on the floor in a mere five hours?  My speech bag is on the kitchen table, my sweater from yesterday is on the counter and my purse is in the bathroom.  I have several sets of keys strewn around the house, and I had to call my cell phone to find it amidst the rubble that has become Piglandia.

My writing life has moments of Piglandia as well.  For instance, I just finished my third beta read in as many weeks and have another downloaded on my Kindle.  I have a freelance project to wrap up, a speech to write for tonight, and, and, and.

My brain is bursting with plot bunnies (it must be spring) and I have my own manuscripts to scour for content and copy.  I’m a writing mess right now.

But, I’ve learned a thing or two about living in Piglandia–both in writing and in life.

I corral my plot bunnies (as found at From the Write Angle), I organize my keys projects in order of importance and stuff my shoes back into the closet where they belong.

When my world appears uncluttered on the surface, I gain a deeper level of calmness.  I don’t fret about messy closets and figure if someone peeks inside them, it’s their problem not mine.  After all, I know what each closet holds even if it looks more chaotic than a dozen clowns piling out of a VW Bug.  I even know where in the Bug individual clowns closet individual items might be.

It’s just a matter of getting them there in the first place.  Like I said, my house–and my writing world–is usually quite clean.  Just every once in a while, things pile up and I need a moment to declutter Piglandia and regain my balance.

How about you, dear writers?  What do you do when things pile up and threaten to overtake you?  Do you have calming chaos like me and my closets?  If so, what is your vice?  Or, is your home/writing life spit-shined to perfection in every nook and cranny?  If so, how in the heck do you do it?

Curious minds want to know.


12 responses to “Welcome to My Writing World: Piglandia

  1. ah yet another post close to my heart…too close! around here i call it a crop circle of craziness…the farm life is a dirty life. when life spills out onto the floor from counters, trucks and tractors, i begin to make lists…lots of lists. i prioritize big time. i try to take one room at a time and then move on. same with writing. when i am working, i feel much better if i can just write down everything i am…writing, then take them one by one and work till that particular thing is done, and move on. if i don’t write it down, it’s like having a bunch of monkeys jumping around in my head all screeching something different at me at the same time….for me to work, the monkeys must quiet and come to order. always, easier said than done!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your Crop Circle of Craziness. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in the world. Best luck mastering the monkeys and enjoy the time you have.


  2. Adorable post…see you this weekend!

  3. DId you enjoy our Christmas card and somewhat irregular annual letter? No? Don’t recall seeing it? Welcome to my piglandia where only the highest priorities get accomplished and other things become the gravy. My kids are loved and fed, my paying job gets done, my volunteer work supports and benefits others. No regrets. No wishIwouldas. Pure acceptance. But, someday soon you WILL get that card and letter. I promise. And when you do it will include the version that didn’t get sent for Christmas 2010 AND 2011.

    • Looking forward to those Christmas cards! I barely scrape mine out each year and try really hard to get the Happy Holidays ones so when I’m late nobody can complain.

      And if it makes you feel better, we just got a Christmas card two weeks ago. No lie. And it was sent late, not just lost in the mail. Time catches up with us and prioritizing is a good thing…as long as the kids get fed first!


  4. I definitely live in Piglandia – I think spit-shining is far beyond my capabilities.

    I keep my writing life on track by prioritizing, and knowing when to say “no” – to a new project, a friend who needs a beta reader, to one more blog… I set my bedtime, and I try to stick to it.

    As for the housework… Well, let’s just say I’m still figuring that one out. 🙂

    Good post.

  5. I’m single or better, married to Mr Writing! 🙂
    Kudos to you for being a writer + a wife + a mom! 😀
    Happy Easter!

  6. I loved this Cat! I feel so much better now! Sometimes I scream at the kids to transform my ‘Piglandia’ into something more hygienic as it is their fault anyways ( at least that is my opinion) and they give each other those looks ” she’s in writer’s Piglandia, clean up before she turns into the big bad wolf” 😉

  7. Thanks, Barb!

    Married is married no matter if it’s to a person or a passion. Hope your Easter was fantastic!

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