*pokes head in quietly*

It feels a bit rude to waltz back in after yet another hiatus and pretend like I’ve been consistent and reliable. So, I won’t pretend. I’ll grovel at your feet instead.

Please forgive me, oh readers, for letting real life interfere.

Tomorrow–yes, tomorrow–I will bring you a real post about real life and real writing.

Thanks for checking in and hanging with me!

6 responses to “*pokes head in quietly*

  1. Oy. I don’t remember having posted anything on Monday, now that you mention it, but I know I’m posting a book review tomorrow. Don’t worry about consistency out here. Life happens. Enjoy it. 😀

    • I did, my dear. Eldest graduated. That’s enough enjoyment to last until our Dear Daughter does–even as it means their growing up and moving on. Of course, isn’t that what we strive for? Parenting, what a conundrum.

  2. You Have been MISSED!!!

  3. No need to apologize! Real life and real people always come first. Always! 🙂

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