East Coast Hugs

I wrote a short story for the end of the world, you know, that imminent 2012 thing that’s on some people’s minds? Anyway, in it, technology is worthless. No internet, no electricity, no running water, no gas pumps, no refrigerators or cell phones…

I sent it to my big sister to read through. Not one week later, she was caught in the storm that cut a swath across the Plains and ravaged the coast.


Big Sis was without power for 33 hours. I know many more people had it far worse. I also have some writer friends in the storm’s path and wanted to send warm wishes East, as well as to my writer friends in Colorado who are battling uncontrolled fires.

May you all stay safe.

2 responses to “East Coast Hugs

  1. Mother Nature has been a little cranky lately. I hope everyone remains safe!

    • Maybe she’s just reminding us that we need to relearn old survival skills.

      My sister just drove back to MN for a visit and said people were selling gas tanks along the road in West Virginia for $100 a can because gas stations were closed down. SCARY stuff. I hope everyone gets their electricity back on soon and that clean up isn’t too horrendous.

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