Confession Time: Rebuilding My Brand

I hate to publicly admit my failures, but I’m going to do just that, right here for all the world to read.

When I started Words from the Woods, it was my private space. A place where I could go as a wanna be writer to connect with other wanna be writers ina way that didn’t intersect with my real life. And I did.

But slowly, more and more of me came out in my posts, and readers began telling me, “I read your blog to keep up with your family.” Or, “I love your insights into kids and relationships.” Over time, I’ve found myself catering to two vastly different readerships:

  1. Those seeking posts on my quirky take on family dynamics, marriage, child-rearing and my unique soap box issues. Sure they enjoy the bits about the books I read, and more than a handful like to keep tabs on my writing. But, and here’s my public failure announcement, I didn’t start blogging with you in mind.
  2. The people I initially blogged for were those seeking writing tips. Guess what? There are a thousand and one aspiring writer blogs (times infinity). In fact, I blog at a collective with that as the sole purpose. I’m also very active at AgentQuery Connect where, as a moderator, I provide real-time tips to writers nearly every day. Seems a little redundant, actually, to expend the energy regurgitating the information here. Which is likely why I haven’t been blogging as much recently. (Public failure announcement number two.)

All this got me thinking that it’s time I repurpose my blog. My future audience of book buyers is not writers themselves. Well, actually some are, but, as a whole, my future audience is parents. Parents and grandparents, or aunts and uncles, or godmothers and godfathers or teachers and librarians who are looking for WHY my books should be on their shelves. Not writers. Not unless you also have a child or twenty in your life that you wish to purchase books for.

I also happen to like talking about the things near and dear to my heart, like child-rearing, education, literacy, marriage, bullying and friendship. I’m a speech coach, a mother, a volunteer, a wife and a writer. I advocate for at-risk kids (the traditional kinds and the kinds we seldom consider) and do freelance writing on the side. Someday I want to have my books published and in the hands of the children you love. It is my ultimate goal.

But in the meantime, these other passions are also a part of who I am, and they impact why I write the things I do. These are the focus of my new journey in blogging.

Over the next week or so, you’ll see some changes to my blog as I begin rebuilding my brand. Not as a whimsical walk with an aspiring writer, but more so as a whimsical walk through the life of a parent writer.

I hope you stick around to see where this takes me. Personally, I’m both thrilled and terrified!

If there’s anything you personally would like to see me do more of (or not at all) let me know. Thanks for your support up ’til now and hopefully through this and beyond.


PS. I’ll completely understand if I some of you abandon this new brand. Just know you can always follow my writing words of wisdom at From The Write Angle or on AgentQuery Connect.


6 responses to “Confession Time: Rebuilding My Brand

  1. I can appreciate your reasons for the “rebranding,” even though I’ll be one of the people no longer following this blog. The advantage of following blogs on WordPress is that I don’t miss posts that I want to read, and can just skip what I’m not interested in. If it’s all skippable, then a parting of the ways is due. Best of luck to you. And I’ll be checking out From the Write Angle.

    • Hey, Catana.

      No hard feelings. You can always find me at From The Write Angle or on my Writing Wednesdays here. By setting a writing schedule for me, it will help my readers better pick and choose which posts they want to spend time with.

      Hugs and best luck as you continue your writing journey as well.

  2. I’ve thought of rebranding, but my target audience (teens) aren’t reading my blog and I doubt they will just because I rebrand. It will be a different situation once I’m published. So for now, I’m sticking with what I enjoy blogging about. That, and because I can’t figure out what to blog about if I don’t continue what I do. Okay, it’s mostly the latter case.

    • I think it’s very hard to secure a teen audience in the blogosphere. Tiny tots are even harder–obviously. The single most important thing is to blog about what you love. It’s the reason we blog, right? And if we fail to stay true to who we are or what we want to say, then there’s no point.

      I love Gene Lempp as a great example of a writer who has built his blog brand around his passion. History. He’s done an amazing job of blending his passion for history and his passion for writing in such a way that it’s hard not to love everything he writes. If, of course, you like history.

      Which is why I’m refocusing slightly. For the most part, my content will not change. I will just be more deliberate about how and why I do it.

      Hope that makes sense and helps you find your passion to focus on!

      Hugs and thanks so much for stopping by.

  3. At the recent writing conference I attended, I heard over and over writers should blog about anything BUT writing. Our readers don’t want to know how to write. They want to read what we write. I think this is a good move. Good luck.

    • Thanks, Kay.

      I needed that quick little vote of confidence! Ultimately, I think it’s the right thing. And it’s not like I don’t blog and hang out with writers away from the Woods!


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