Writing and Real Life Inspiration: One Leg at a Time

Another successful marching band season has closed for Dear Daughter. Likewise Middle Son’s football team finished the year with 1 loss. (Don’t tell anyone, but it might help that he has an ex-pro-football player as a coach.) Regardless, it was a busy Saturday for our little fam.

But it wasn’t the wins that inspired me. What impacted me far more than Dear Daughter catching her rifle after five mid-air rotations or Middle’s touch down on the last drive of the game was a young gal from another band.

She had a prosthetic leg from the knee down. And yet, she was out there on the field dancing, tossing flags and marching to the beat of the drums. All with a smile on her face.


Remind me as a mom never to let my kids take the easy way out when they are pouting about someone getting more football passes than they got. Remind me as a writer never to let another person’s success get in the way of my own ability.

Writer’s block be damned. If a young lady can learn to toss a flag on one foot, I sure as heck can pen a few hundred words. And then a few hundred more.

Ohhhh, how easy it is to bemoan our writing rejections or to blame the wind for missing a tossed flag. Better that we give up and quit trying than to complain incessantly. Seriously, it gets old after a while.

Better yet that we should buckle down and move toward our dreams one step at a time.

I thank this young lady for silently reminding me of my blessings and my short-comings. May I do her justice in my daily writing life.

How about you? What events have inspired you over the years to be something or someone better? Please share your tales of standing tall despite the odds.

Curious minds want to know.

4 responses to “Writing and Real Life Inspiration: One Leg at a Time

  1. Wow, power to your children (it takes commitment)! I used to march also, on the drumline, and it was ridiculously strenuous and I have both my legs.

    • Marching band is an amazing sport. It takes so much effort and it gets so very little credit from people who don’t understand the physcial effort and the time and dedication it takes to make a show great.

      I have a post at the top of my tabs under inspirations you might find interesting. It’s about a blind boy who marches competitively. Amazing story. Amazing kids. I can only hope to find half their gumption on bad writing days.

      Hugs and thanks for commenting.

  2. Nice post today Cat ( and I love your new dp) I was feeling really rotten last Friday, no reply, no progress, no enthusiasm to write and waiting for the elevator so I could go home. Out of the elevator came a man on a wheel chair, and his legs were far from being the only problem. I felt so bad, I couldn’t even look at him. He was carrying on with life. And I was not. And I have arms and legs that work and all my senses work and I am independent. We need to look around us sometimes.

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