Under Attack: Human Interactions

Dear Mr. FedEx:

When you climb out of your truck brandishing a large cardboard tube, my dog will feel attacked. Her hackles will raise, she will bark and she will definitely stand at attention, waiting for your next move.

When that bonehead move happens to be swinging your makeshift weapon and poking it repeatedly in her direction, she will charge you. Hello, she is under attack.

Yes, it is your fault–100%–that she does not like you on her property.

Lest you disagree, let’s look at this from a different angle–that of my garbage man who (questionably) provides a doggie treat to her before stealing my trash. He doesn’t attack, he bribes. She barks when his truck pulls up because she barks at every truck, but she doesn’t face off with the nasty trash man and lunge at him. Why? He doesn’t attack.

Taking this one step further, when the Schwans truck rumbles down the street, she races down the driveway and barks. Sound familiar? Yeah, same pattern. Now pay close attention…he gets out of the truck, meets her on the edge of the property (her collar prohibits her from going further) and coos sweet nothings in her direction while holding his hand down for her to sniff.

End result? She bounds around him, still barking, and escorts him to the door.

Let’s review:

  1. Three men in big, rumbly trucks: FedEx, Garbage, Schwans.
  2. Three different approaches: attack, bribe and befriend.
  3. Two different outcomes: counter attack and acceptance.


The mother of the Dog Under Attack

Dear readers, how do you respond to events and people in  your life? What is the outcome of your interactions? Would you like to change your modus operandi for a more favorable result?

Curious minds want to know!



3 responses to “Under Attack: Human Interactions

  1. I’m definitely with the dog on this one Cat! Sensible creature.

  2. LOL, me too! Seriously, I wonder why they don’t do training on this in FedEx school.

  3. First, this post was insanely hilarious. Thank you for the laugh. Laughter and comedy is the best way for me to deal with people, especially when tension gets too high. Who has time to for any of that? Smile, relax, and move on to the next thing.

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