Daily Archives: April 17, 2013

A to Z: Omens

Omens, portents and just plain bad feelings. I have them right now. We are facing yet another winter storm–hello, Mother Nature, it’s mid-April, why more snow?–on only the most important day of the year so far. 

We are supposed to leave for State Speech tomorrow. It’s raining, right now and I have a bad feeling that the snow will come full force and we will be stranded four and a half hours away.

Not good for real life, but great for novel fodder. 

I can just picture the fall out from something like this and the what ifs are going crazy. Things I would be sick to see in real life, but would love to explore in my writing. These gut-wrenching moments when life changing decisions are made and the very air around you is wet and heavy and sends chills along your spine. 

Omens, portents and bad feelings. Great in writing, not so great in life.

How do you foreshadow bad things to come?