The Aroma of Reading

I wish computers had scratch and sniff screens. If they did, I’d let you smell my coffee. Long story short, I used to Hate the bitter, black water. In fact, I didn’t start drinking it until about three years ago. My relationship with coffee began with chai tea in the mornings with Dear Hubby. That is, until shipping it to our little wilderness outpost got to be an expensive pain in the rear.

Yet, the experience of sipping my tea on the deck in the wee hours of the morning before the kids got up for school and Dear Hubby trudged off to work was something I refused to give up. So I started drinking coffee. Or rather, I started drinking a splash of coffee in my creamer.

Today, I actually use more coffee than creamer. In part because Dear Daughter and I have started a love affair with flavored coffee. This morning’s brew: Toasted Pecan Kona Snickerdoo with hazelnut creamer. Yep, three coffees mixed together to create a drink that tastes like liquid Girl Scout Cookies.

Yesterday, we slurped down a pot of Double Caramel Chocolate Brownie. Who knows what delights tomorrow will bring.

Regardless, my house smells yummy, my taste buds are tickled, and you’re probably wondering what the heck coffee has to do with reading. It will come as no surprise when I say that a novel is exactly like a cup of joe.

Seriously, a well-written passage awakens the senses and stimulates the brain. Coffee–and great literature–is calming/exhilarating, and slightly addictive. It is also highly versatile with enough flavors, caffeine combos, and creamer options to keep even the pickiest drinkers happy. No two pots need ever taste the same.

Reading is similarly nuanced. It is personal and intimate, with each reader connecting to characters and plot lines on a different level and for a variety of reasons. Even reading the same story years later can taste as different as the first sip of the morning from the very last swallow of the day. Each drop–each word–in between should be savored for what it means at that moment.

Yeah, a good book is exactly like a mug of specialty java.

What’s brewing in your pot today? What books have you enjoyed recently and why? What’s next on your TBR list? Which books have grown with/on you over the years?

Curious minds want to know. In the meantime, I have a mug of coffee in one hand, The Light Between Oceans in the other and a rocking chair waiting outside.


6 responses to “The Aroma of Reading

  1. If they made kindles smell like old books, I might be a little more inclined to use it more often. 🙂

  2. double Choca Mocha this morning

  3. I am currently reading the complete set of Sherlock Holme’s courtesy of a cheap deal on my Kindle. Somehow I have never read any of these stories, at least that I can recall. I am amazed at how much of these stories is steeped into other favorite books of mine. Next on my list, because of another cheap Kindle deal, is Anne of Green Gables. Another classic I have never read. While I consider myself well-read I clearly need to read a great variety of books and that is my goal!
    To Kill a Mockingbird is a book that strikes me differently each time I read it. As I get older and am now a parent the depth of emotion I feel reading that story is far richer than an at any previous time in my life. Plus I still read my original paperback from a book order in fifth grade, complete with fifth grade handwriting, and that’s kind of special.
    As for coffee – I only drink organic coffees and prefer light blends. You must try So Delicious Coconut Milk cream creamers. Uber yummy!

  4. That’s a funny story. I like tea, and rather abhor coffee. I order from one tea place and one tea place only. In my opinion, they have the best tea ever. I do hope the shipping always remains…reasonable.

    ~ Prof VJ

  5. I have the taste of coffee while reading your blog! love it.
    I have a cup of coffee every morning from a coffee maker my husband gave to me few years ago. He doesn’t even drink coffee.

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