Daily Archives: July 17, 2013

Life Is Pain, Highness!

There’s no better way to start the day than a quote from The Princess Bride. And no better way to live your life.

Typing after nearly decapitating my finger hasn’t been easy. A week later and still, the only feeling I have in my right pointer from the top knuckle up is a perpetual odd numbness like it’s sleeping.

That is until I bump the tip of it. Then fireworks explode. And while I don’t tend to think that I and K are as useful as M, S and A, they are used more often than you think. As is the comma. Additionally, I also use Pointer Finger to backspace, something I do more often than I probably should. (How I graduated from highschool without a typing class, I’ll never know.)

Yet despite the inconvenience of tapping a keyboard with a half-dead finger, I still managed to write about three thousand new words and edit a whole slew of other ones.

Life is full of bumps and bruises and aches and pains. Some emotional. Some physical. If we are to survive, we must persevere as Wesley did in my All-Time Favorite Movie, The Princess Bride.

He let neither pirates nor giants, expert swordsmen nor poison deter him from tracking down his loved one. He even survived the Pit of Despair to return to his fair maiden, Buttercup.

Thankfully my life isn’t quite so exciting as his, though I’ve learned my lesson well.

We must write, dance, sing, sew, swim or run through life lest we give up. For once we do, we are nothing more than the end of my finger: numb to everything that goes on around us.

Life is pain, but it only wins if we let it.

P.S. Any typos found within are strictly the fault of my defunct finger. Our regularly scheduled good grammar will resume shortly.