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Who Knew and a Challenge to You

I am working on a monstrously huge project right now, so after my day job today, I bellied up to the counter with a bag of left-over Easter Twix and started a web search for important days throughout the year. 

Anyone want to guess what today is?  Yeah, besides being April 7th, 2010, it is also World Health Day

Yep.  Found that out just as I slipped the last bite of gooey, caramel goodness into my mouth.

In honor of World Health, I will put the Twix away and go for a walk around the square.  This is a three mile jaunt and I should be able to get it in before dinner.  If I get my behind in gear.

But before I leave, I challenge you to do something out of the ordinary regarding your health.  Go for a walk.  Forgo the after dinner drink.  Eat a salad.  Throw the chips in the trash or sprint down the block.

In addition, I challenge you to give your favorite villian a conscience.  Tell us the villian you love to hate and what he/she would do to honor this day of health.

I choose Professor Snape to indulge in a hand to hand dragon fighting match–sans magic.