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Just testing…

Today was the last day of school for my kids. 

It was filled with track, chaos, friends, swimming, reading, snacking, playing, movies and bonfires.  Oh yeah, and cleaning. 

I’m too tired to have a last day of school! 

One more thing, I found the cyber monster’s lair.  I was able to comment on my blog and will try my third post of the day.  If this works, I’ll subdue the monster and attempt commenting on everyone else’s blogs tomorrow.

Night all and thanks for hanging in there with me and my technological tribulations!

Technologically Frustrated


My computer is slow.

My posts don’t post.

My updates never really do.

My comments are MIA on other’s blogs.

I am technologically frustrated.

Bear with me, o’ friends, as I struggle to find the responsible cyber monster.

When I do, I shall storm the castle and beat the nasty creature down with my pen and notebook.

Once it’s subdued, I shall display it for the whole community to see.

Until then, I shall read your blogs and think kind thoughts.

I will type wonderful words of inspiration (in my imagination) and send them on the gentle spring breeze.

I shall not succumb to the dizzying illness that has invaded my computer.

I shall not remain Technologically Frustrated.