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Guest Post and a Reminder

A week or so ago, I debuted on Dean C. Rich’s blog: The Write Time.  In it I outlined how I manage to balance my writing time with real life duties.  And since I’m still playing catch-up after the Great Computer Demise, Dean has generously offered to write a post for me so I can spend my time more wisely.

Dean has four manuscripts under his fingertips.  He’s a fellow AQer with time to be kind, supportive and insightful, all while penning his fantasy novels.  If ever there’s a person to take time management tips from, it’s the guy who does it all.  And makes it look like a vacation!

Please welcome Dean to your blogging fold!

Sharing is such fun.  I joined AQC and met some wonderful writers over there.  I’ve learned that I am not near as ready to publish as I thought I was when I first logged into the site.  Cat has given me some great advice on AQC.  So as I learned about blogs and blogging I visited her blog and I must say, I am very impressed with what she has done with this place.  So I asked if she would be willing to be a guest blogger, and she suggested a blog swap.  So here I am on her blog wondering what I can share.

Life is like… Bacon

I was cooking bacon the other morning. It was the really good bacon, not too much fat, great meat, and it cooked up so well I was thrilled.  As I was cooking, I got to thinking about other packets of bacon I’ve tried to cook.  Sometimes the bacon is too thick and takes longer to cook.  Other times there is so much fat, even though the package makes it look like a lot of meat, that it isn’t any good.  Life is like that, and in an extension to writing, that as well.

You are not real sure how the bacon is going to turn out when you look at the package.  It isn’t until the packet is opened and the bacon is pulled out do you really know what you have to work with.  So your day may be planned, but you don’t know what the day is going to really be like until you start working your plan for that day.  Sometimes it is a hit, and sometimes you find yourself, at the end of the day, someplace you never intended to be.

Writing works the same way.  You have a great idea.  It isn’t until you start to put the idea on paper that you understand what you have to work with.  Is it worthy for a blog post?

No wait, I can make a short story out of this.

Is it something to entertain, or instruct?  Is it for the kids, or is it for busy adults?  Is it a novel?  Or *gasp* an epic story that will take several books to tell the tale?

The fun part of this is that you get to decide, and whatever you decide is right.  How cool is that?  You are in charge–it is your idea–and how you work it and how it turns out is completely in your control.  Perhaps that is why we are writers, because there are so many aspects of our lives that we cannot control!

So what are your ideas?  What is in your bacon box that needs to be put on the grill of life and made for others to enjoy?

Thanks for having me over Cat.

Nope.  The pleasure is all mine!

Dean can be found on AQC as DC Rich.  He blogs at The Write Time and tweets @deancrich.  He has five children, one grandson and a beautiful wife of 27 years.    Besides writing, he also enjoys music (all of his children, and his wife play a musical instrument, Piano, Cello, Viola, Flute, and sing), the outdoors, and photography.  That is when he isn’t at work.

And now for the reminder: As some of you may have noticed, SKELETON KEY is done.  Finished.  Reached the end.  Literally.  I’ve created an entire page just for this blogvel.  You can find it on my sidebar or the tabs at the top.  If you haven’t read any of it, I urge you to enjoy this fun paranormal romp created by fifteen talented and imaginative bloggers.  If you read bits and pieces, now is the time to sit down and peruse it from beginning to end.  Michelle wrapped it up beautifully.


Writing Humor: Me on Time Management

Humor rocks my socks off.  In some ways, I’m a big kid who never grew up.  I laugh at kid jokes.  I tell kid jokes.  I smile when most other adults turn their noses up in disdain.

Heck, I have a three-legged dog in one my of novels, and after 273 read-throughs I still laugh at all the good parts.  But I’m quirky that way.  In fact, when my pirate chapter book received a pass due to the reader’s “dry sense of humor”, my immediate reaction was–under my breath whilst surpressing a grin–“Then why read a book that takes place on the ocean?”

I know, I groaned too.

But hey, at least you know where I’m coming from.  And now I’d like you to follow along and see where I’m going.

Today I’m guest posting at The Write Time.  Fantasy writer and fellow AQer, Dean C. Rich,  has a great blog on time management as it pertains to the writing life.  Please check out his blog and learn a thing or two about how I mismanage my time when it comes to writing and life.

Other things I’m doing today: helping out with vision and hearing checks for our elementary kids, finishing an edit of another chapter book (same quirky humor as the first) and getting started on cleaning my house.  Company is coming down this weekend for the marching band performance and the only room that’s clean enough for hosting is currently in someone else’s house.

It’s been a long summer with lots of dirt and I need to get to the bottom of it…er, on top of it before the dust bunnies carry us away.

What kinds of things tickle your tweeter?  Do you like dry humor, slap-stick or bathroom humor?  Are you mature in what makes you laugh, or can you find funny in almost anything?  And more importantly, do you write humor?  If so, how do you make humor rock instead of fall flat?

Curious minds want to know.