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A Writer’s Guide to Commemoration Keepsakes

While in New Orleans with our youth group, the other director and I jotted down notes for the next time we brave a national gathering. 

  • ID tags for backpacks
  • Permanent markers for autographs
  • Handmade trinkets to distribute to share the love with other participants

Often times the best ideas come through others. 

The online writing community is no different.  Small gems can be found in unexpected places.  While checking out my fellow bloggers yesterday, I uncovered one such gem.  Well actually, Lori Degman blogged about it and now I’d like to share it with you.

At her book launch for 1 Zany Zoo, the Cheerio’s contest winner had friends and family sign a copy of her book as a keepsake. 

What better gift to yourself, what better reminder of your hard work and what better affirmation of the support you have garnered along the way than receiving an autographed copy of the book you wrote?

Currently, I’m creating a shadow box as a visual reminder of my writing journey.

So far I have collected my positive rejections, my first byline article, my first check I earned through my writing, the floppy disk that my short story was submitted on, a horribly written picture book that motivates me to keep trying, an interview of me in the paper regarding my writing and my offer of representation for my chapter book.  I only need my Degman-style autographed book and my shadow box will be complete.

Commemoration Keepsakes of Your Writing Journey

  • An autographed book by family and friends.
  • A writer’s journey shadow box.

How will you commemorate your success?  Share your cool and unique ideas with the rest of the writing world and I’ll add them to the list.