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Pay It Forward: perks of being nice

Whenever I buy clothes, I always take them off the hangers and fold them up into a neat little pile with the price tag on top.  I’ve never been a checker (or a chess piece, for that matter), but this process does two things: it gets me out of line faster and I think it helps the frazzled workers become a tad bit less frazzled.  At least while they scan my items.

The other day, Dear Daughter and I bought some clothes–okay, it was a shopping spree.  I don’t generally buy anything for myself because I despise shopping, but on this particular day, DD and I splurged on 23 items.  Yep.  twenty-three hangers, twenty-three price tags and seven of those annoying little you-can’t-steal-clothes tags that have to be surgically removed.

I folded and stacked.  At the end, the check out lady asked if I would like to use my Store Card.  Nope.  Don’t have one.  Want one?  You can save 20% today.  Nope.  DH has one.  He’s in the car and his card is in the kitchen drawer an hour away.

Nice Check Out Lady was so thankful for my help, she swiped me the twenty percent anyways.  I saved $55.00 just for folding clothes while I waited in line.

Pay it forward. 

Writing works that way too.  An act of kindness often begets good will.  In the end, everyone can benefit.

Over on Agent Query Connect, I’ve been blessed enough to read and be read.  Critique and be critiqued.  Support and be supported.  Whenever I get the opportunity to lend a fellow scribe a hand, I do.  Occasionally time and real life get in the way, but often, I’m able to give a little bit of what I’ve been given.

How do you pay it forward?