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Caution, perceptions not always accurate!

“Mommy, please print me a blank piece of paper.”

I reached under my desk, pulled some unused pages from my printer and handed them to Youngest. 

Let’s just say I made the top of his most-awesomest-mom-ever list by “printing” his special paper. 

This magic trick is one I strive for when writing.  I want my readers to experience the awe of a great story without seeing the reality behind it.  I don’t want them to watch my struggles to make a character believable or do a half-baked job of muddling through my story arc.  I don’t want them to know the sweat and tears that went into editing. 

Instead, I want them to walk away from the last page of my books and believe the story was printed just for them.  Magically, effortlessly, awesomely.

So how do we accomplish this as writers?

I don’t know.  You tell me.