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Trading Up for Great Ideas

When a good idea comes along, we have no choice but to embrace it with both hands and our whole hearts.

A few years ago, I was in a car accident with my van.  Not my fault, but it caused enough damage that we had to buy a new vehicle.  A year later, I was rear-ended and my Pacifica was totalled.  DH claimed he was sick of my driving record me being the smaller car and bought me a truck. 

Yesterday, he asked if I wanted to trade in my truck.  Um, no.  I loved my truck.  Of course, that had never stopped DH in the past from selling a vehicle out from under me because he smelled a good deal.

And yesterday, he had the idea that somewhere on a parking lot a deal smelled mighty nice. 

I waffled.  Like I said, I loved my truck, but he sweet-talked me into finding the title.  We drove an hour away with DH touting the virtues of the new-to-us truck.  Which, incidentally, was almost exactly like my old truck–only better. 

“It has lower miles.”  37,000 to be exact. 

“It didn’t have an entire gallon of milk spilled in it.”  Like mine did last week.

“It has a moon roof and no rust.”  So what, I don’t see the rust when I’m driving–moon roof or not.

“The engine’s a wee bit smaller, so it will get better gas mileage.”  And I’ll be even more chicken to pass without five miles of open road.

I think he was trying to convince us both that our trip would not be wasted. 

It wasn’t.  I can’t say I love the new color, though DH claims Diamond Pearl is the best thing to come along since black on black.  But, color is not everything.

The fact that we got as much for our trade as we paid for it two years ago is.  Especially since I had put on 35,000 miles.  In that respect, I had driven my truck for free.  And now, my odometer is back under 20,000 miles.  Trading was definitely a good idea.

Over the last few months I’ve been helping out at our preschool.  I’ve read book after book about bears, strawberries, Easter Bunnies and butterflies.  One picture book in particular keeps replaying in my head.  Probably because the subject matter is more popular than a hybrid in a bad economy.

In the shower (the place where I do my best thinking), it finally hit me.  This beaten-to-death theme really is a great idea.  But with a twist.

It’s the moon roof version, with no rust spots and cleaner carpets.  My query letter is already written.  I know exactly what will set this book apart from the others.  Agents will should drool when the story hits their slush piles, much like my DH did at the prospect of trading up.

I have embraced this new idea with both hands and my whole heart. 

Now all I have to do is write it.

Have you ever had that “ah ha” moment with a story line?  If so, have you acted on the idea and written the full manuscript?  Did it turn out the way you expected or was it just another repeat of a tired theme? 

How can you be sure that your twist is enough to make the trade worth while?