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When I spilled the secret of my blog to close family and friends, my sister-in-law responded with a very tongue in cheek “post” of her own.  In essence stating she had absolutely nothing to say, no reason to say it and nobody to listen even if she did.

Yet billions of blogs litter cyber space, chatting away about things like potty training and purchasing tractors to pithy takes on the publishing industry.  Blogs cover every topic that could potentially be interesting, as well as many others that undoubtedly are not.  However each and every one serves a purpose to the author as well as to the readers, no matter how numerous or few they may be.

So how many blogs are there?  I couldn’t find a current answer, though I think they are squeezed into the bright new world as often as babies are delivered to excited and expectant parents.  I can’t help but wonder if the death rate is similar.

Blogs are certainly hard to maintain.  They take time to set up, time and energy to post and the inclination to return comments on comments.  They take creativity–even for hard non-fiction sites.  Each post needs to be well thought out and executed in language that keeps readers coming back for more.  I can only assume they are as easily negelected as my New Year’s resolutions.

A quick Google search turns up more blogs than imaginable and begs the question of whether the authors are “qualified” to write them.  I could feasibly write a blog on anything if I did enough research to sound like I knew what I was talking about.  Or is that even important?  Opinion is passed from person to person faster than headlice between bedmates and with blogs as the medium, readers could find themselves quickly mired in a world of untruths and not even know it.

“But I heard it from my best friend’s father’s uncle’s cousin’s friend who knows the step-granddaughter of the uncle of the president’s neice so it must be true.”

But even if it’s true, does anyone want to read about it?  My new blog has a nifty little feature that tracks the number of visits to my site each day.  My last one did not.  It amazes me to watch the fluctuation of hits.  It also makes me a little paranoid and I find myself wanting to check it–obsessively and compulsively–to figure out my Blogability.

Why do people read it?  Why do I read other blogs?  What makes a blog good enough to enjoy a long life for anyone but the writer?  Or is it enough for the writer to simply write?  If no one reads it, does it really exist?

My Blogability criteria is this: do I feel a connection to the writer, do I find the writing interesting and informative and do I feel compelled to check it out the next day?  If the answer is yes, a blog has Blogability.  To me.

For example, I love the warmth and sincerity I find in some blogs, while others inspire me or stretch my way of thinking.  Some amuse me and others are rock solid information centers.  Some motivate me by the sheer energy of the author and others are like curling up with a cup of hot cocoa in front of the fire place.   

I’d like to learn more about the blogosphere.  For example, why do bloggers blog and why do readers read?  What keeps them coming back for more?

Perhaps your comments can help unravel a little of the mystery.  How many blogs do you follow (or maintain)?  What gives them Blogability?  Have you ever dropped a blog?  If so, why?  Are the number of hits on your blog important to you? 

My blog is a journey and I think I would write it even if nobody read it.  Though I must admit I really enjoy connecting with all of you.  It’s an unanticipated pleasure and one I hope to maintain for a long time.