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Back to the Eighties

On Saturday, I loved the Eighties all over again.

IMG_8313_3Preparing for Rock of Ages at the Orpheum, I raided my Dear Daughter’s closet for a few things…

I only had to cut up one shirt and found all the funky jewelry in forgotten bathroom drawers.

Surprisingly, styling Eighties Hair is just like riding a bike–with a blow dryer, lots o’ hairspray and a comb.

The only thing missing was a bottle of Baby Soft perfume.

Rock of Ages was amazing, and I thank my wonderful sis for setting it all up, and the rest of my sisters (and Jessie) for donning Eighties attire with me.

Jean skirts and fish net stockings. Big bangs and lots of lace. Off the shoulder sleeves and multiple ear piercings. Leg warmers, crimped hair, layered polo shirts with the collars popped and pinned pants…

Yeah, what wasn’t to love?

Besides the rockin’ music, what was your favorite part of the Eighties? Who’s your favorite Eighties rock band/song? Movie?

Curious minds want to know.

P.S. I’m not really an Amazon. My 5’6″ just looks that way next to my pint-sized daughter.