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Call for Submissions: Short Stories

If you’ve read–and loved–Spring Fevers and The Fall: Tales from the Apocalypse, and have wondered how to get your little gem of a short story into such rockin’ anthologies, wonder no more.

Elephant’s Bookshelf Press has issued a call for submissions for its summer anthology–the third in the season series.

The details for short story submission can be found at The Elephant’s Bookshelf.

If you’re just a wee bit crunched on time or slightly lazy on this Monday morning, I’ll get you started with a few highlights.

And I quote: In the next anthology from Elephant’s Bookshelf Press, we explore the short-term relationship.

For the summer edition of our four-season series, we are looking for stories that share a love or relationship that is or appears to be short-lived or not long for this world. You might say it’s a combination of Spring Fevers and The Fall: Relationships facing apocalyptic change.
We’re looking for previously unpublished stories of up to 7,500 words. They can be in any style except erotica. I expect we’ll see several Young Adult and New Adult pieces, maybe even a Middle Grade or two. Romance, steampunk, steampunk romance, traditional literary, science fiction, science fiction with a lusty alien or two… you get the point.
We’re looking for one submission per author. No previously published stories. If it’s appeared on your blog already, let me know, but that is not an automatic kill in my book. Send submissions to anthologies@elephantsbookshelfpress.com. The deadline is April 19.

But hey, no need to wait. Dust off those memories of short-term relationships, polish them up and send them to the Head Elephant for consideration in what promises to be another unique and well-crafted anthology. Before sending, though, please hop over to The Elephant’s Bookshelf for the full info.

Hope to see some of your stories in the next book!