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Knock-Out Novel Titles: a novelty or a necessity?

Please partake in this interactive post on titles, so we can learn together what works and why.

AgentQueryConnect is hosting a fun little challenge where writers post only their titles.  The purpose is to show the impact (or lack thereof) our titles make in a e-query, agent slush pile or on the bookshelf.

The questions are simple.  Would you read more, and why or why not?

It’s an interesting challenge, and one with interesting answers.  For example, my YA working title, WHISPERING MINDS, is under a bit of heat for reasons I would never have considered. 

So, how important is to find the right title before querying?

  1. Not important at all.  Marketing will change it anyway.
  2. Not terribly important.  Fun is fine, but it’s not worth fretting over.
  3. So-so.  An interesting title might stand out in the crowd and keep the reader reading.
  4. Important enough.  Hey, I’ll take every opportunity I can get to nab agent attention.
  5. Extremely important.  It’s the first impression, dude, and we all know how hard those are to change. 

If you’re still not sure how to answer, hop on over to AQC and check out the Title Challenge.   Read through the list and you’ll quickly realize that some titles do, indeed, stand out in a crowd.

And now for my challenge.

  • Post the title from the AQ Challenge that you most want to read and explain why.
  • Without naming titles, describe the feeling you had when reading your least favorite title on the list. 
  • Answer again how important titles are to you.  If your opinion changed, let us know why. 
  • Also, feel free to share your working title and let us weigh in.

Curious minds want to know!