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Heading North

Dear Friends,

I left behind the sun and drove right into a cold drizzle.  Up north this time of year is a blast–usually a chilly breeze off the lake.  Our kids will no doubt find time to don their suits regardless of the 63 degree expected high.  No doubt, I will eat myself sick.  One thing DH’s family does is cook very well.  Appetizers are more common than the cold once school starts.  Quite a bit tastier too.

What this means is that my blog will lay dormant over the weekend–quite possibly into next weekend as I go back to work full time.  I may have to cut down on blogging and schedule my posts like other smarter writers have done.  I’ll miss the daily banter and the awesome outlet for my ever-busy mind.  Hopefully I’ll slip into a routine quickly, my family will adjust to having me gone and I will be able to continue blogging with little interruption.

Until then, thanks for bearing with me, have a great weekend and hope to see you on Tuesday!

hugs and drive safe~