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Scattered Thoughts

Still getting my land legs back after vacation.  Ironed all night for senior pictures for Eldest and will spend the day watching his personality unfold in front of the camera.  Fun, fun.

My new post on E-Queries for Picture Books is up at From the Write Angle.  It supplanted my Blogvel post only because I haven’t had a chance to polish that one yet.  Please look for it in September, and in the meantime, browse through FTWA because it’s a great writing resource by some great peeps.

The newest chapter of THE SKELETON KEY is available at Greenwoman’s Blog.  Check it out, she’s amazingly talented and knows just how to tickle my funny bone.

Another blog to peek at this morning is Digging with the Worms by Eric Trant.  It’s a hard look at what you want out of your writing: All of nothing or half of something.  Check it out.

And while you’re at it, I ran across Creepy Query Girl’s blog post about waiting for the pass.  She has a wonderful link there to some great pass lines garnered by successful authors.  It happens to the best of us…

Sock Dog comes home today, so on top of everything else, I’ll be picking up my family’s footware and hiding it.  Which reminds me: if you’re writing a mystery and are in need of a private tutorial on private investigators, please go to Patricia Stoltey’s blog tomorrow.  Her guest team is actually a real life PI team.

 How about you?  What does your day look like?  Will you have time to sneak in a bit of writing between Real Life duties or are you set for a fabulous day of penning prose?

Curious minds want to know!

PS: If reading is on your agenda, pop on over to Ready.  Write.  Go. for a list of book give-aways.

Links to Great Books


  • There is a rockin’ book and blog party happening over at My Writing Masquerade.  TK Richardson is celebrating her soon to be released book with gift pack give-awaysReturn the Heart is a YA novel filled with secrecy, a dark Russian prophecy and a high stakes game of cat and mouse.   TK is an eloquent and thoughtful writer.  I can’t wait to curl up on the beach with this book. 

  • Another writer who has my attention is Yvonne Osborne.  Her blog,  The Organic Writer,  is filled with short stories, observations and poetry.  Yvonne is a visceral writer.  I have yet to read one of her posts and emerge from it the same.  She makes me think.  She makes me laugh and, at times, has almost brought me to tears.  One of my favorite things Yvonne does is write Friday Flash 55.  If you don’t have time to read a whole novel, you can spend one minute with Yvonne’s fifty-five word stories.  She doesn’t waste a single word. 
  • Need more?  Visit Lisa.  Lisa Gibson is a master book reviewer.  She is single handedly responsible for my impulse purchases and growing book collection.  Lisa mainly reads and reviews YA.
  •  A close second in terms of books reviewed is Michelle, aka Greenwoman.  Michelle loves the paranormal and fairy tale type books.  She has pointed me in the direction of many fabulous novels.  Beyond the book reviews, however, I love visiting Michelle’s blog to get my nature fix.  She actually occupies twice my normal blog time for writer friends because I am addicted to both of her blogs.  Her second blog, Quotidion Minutiae, is a photo blog of epic proportions.  Her pics tell a story sans words.
  • However, I do understand that not everyone in the world love, love, loves juvenile lit like I do.  If you would like to read books more closely aligned with your chronological age, I recommend you stop by Jean Oram‘s.  Jean is a self-proclaimed book whore with more reviews on her blog than I have phyiscal books on my shelves. 
  • Also worth mentioning is Colorado author, Patricia Stoltey.  She’s the biggest fan of other writer’s I’ve ever met.  Patricia provides the low down on other Colorado writers.  There is no shortage of book mentions on her blog. 
  • Afraid these links will only lead you to fluff?  Hop on over to Kate for in depth book dissections.  It’s a bit like being back in English class, but a lot more fun.  I’ve picked up some great reads because of her compelling commentary and great taste in novels. 

If you can’t find anything to read from these links, you’d be better off getting a hobby that doesn’t involve words.

So, where do you find books to add to your TBR pile?  What is your most anticipated summer read?