Alex Rider

I should have been a boy.  I love action, adventure and intrigue.  A good spy story is as comforting to me as a cup of hot chocolate around a campfire.

Thankfully, Eldest and I stumbled across Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider series a few years back.

Alex Rider is the ultimate teen spy.  

When his uncle is killed in a car crash, Alex is plunged into a world of secret service.  One he has no interest in.  Alex would prefer to ride his bike and hang with his classmates.  Instead, he finds himself at the wrong end of villianous plots where world security is at stake. 

Each novel brings new levels of death defying adventure to this inquisitive young man.  For the most part, they are realistic to the world Horowitz created.  Only one in the series felt contrived.  Thankfully I had already grown to love Alex and his off beat adventures enough to read the rest of the books.  It is truly a fun journey.

Written for older middle graders and the lower end of young adult readers, The Alex Rider series provides edge-of-your-seat storylines.  For those hiding a teen spy within and who have even once dreamed of taking on the world, this series is for you.


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