Many things inspire me as a writer and as a person.  Sometimes it’s a book I read, a phrase someone utters, a video I’ve watched or a person.  Yep, an entire person.

Because writing and life can be difficult at times, we can all use a little pick me up once in a while.  As I run across inspiring moments, I will share them with you.  If you would like to share your inspiring moments, please leave a comment or send me an email and I will include your links for others to enjoy.

My hope is that you will take away something from these pages that will lighten your load, motivate you to try a little harder or make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Hugs and enjoy~ cat


3 responses to “Inspiration

  1. Hi,

    I recieved the two critique below recently from a website. For me its a moment of mixed feelings. It kind of inpsired me and at the same time kind of seemed like a spear went through my heart. I just wanted to share this moment bcos, for me this is the first time someone has really given me an honest review of my work. What do you think.

    I’ve never in my life been so pleased to finish reading something as I am this work. I’d like to say something good or encouraging about it, but you make it too hard. I could spend the hundred words pointing out errors but I think I’d need at least two hundred. It was so badly done, it left me feeling it was written by more than one person. The english was terrible and the overall story completely confusing which is sad because it is a story that quite possibly needs to be told. However, it is obvious the writer cannot tell it.
    Critique by Roger.

    Although you have what looks to be an interesting plot, and a nicely written story, I do have some questions and ideas. Firstly you really need to have a good editor read your script. When you have ” marks designating a speaker, you only change them, or start a new line when a different speaker takes over. At the moment it gets confussing as to who is talking and when. There are a few places where a words are not used in their correct context. But all this can easily be fixed by having someone edit your story.
    One thing that is confusing. When is your story set? The initial meeting. The tall dark stranger comes accross as being middle aged and fit, yet he was an officer in 1960. That would put his current age around 70?
    It might also flow a little smoother if you gave the information that the war was in Nigeria a little earlier.
    All in all, nice reading.
    Critique by Exoticatradingo.

    • Omadewu,

      Sometimes painful experiences can be the most enlightening and motivating. The thing is, never let go of your dreams and never let anyone beat you down. Work that much harder to prove to yourself that you can succeed in your passions.

      Even though it will take time, practice, patience and most likely more painful critiques, I promise you won’t be disappointed if you continue to strive to reach your dreams.

      Work hard and surround yourself with people who will support you in your journey and teach you things along the way.

      Best luck~

  2. Thanks for that, made my moment

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