Marching Blind

There is nothing more inspiring to me than those who overcome great obstacles to come out on top of their potential. 

Most people I know have wishes, dreams and desires.  For instance, I wish I would get published.  My DH dreams of being a pro golfer.  My DD desires to be an actress.  Chances are good that not all of us will reach our goals. 

We often believe our lack of success is beyond our control.  But is it really?

I’d like to share two inspiring stories with you.  One is of Cody Breen , a high school trumpet player and a participant in the marching band.  Cody is also blind.

Now I’ve watched my oldest go through four marching band seasons and I know the time, effort, frustration and precision that goes into a successful show.  It’s rigourous work. 

Our band practices eight hour days during the summer.  Once school starts, they practice four mornings before school and two hours one evening.  They perform every Saturday for six weeks of competitions, often rising at 5:00 in the morning and returning after midnight.  Several days include two competitions and may or may not start off with a parade.

Eldest gets tired.  I can’t imagine what the experience would be like for Cody.  And yet he perseveres.

But this isn’t the end.  If you’re still feeling a little plucky about reaching your goals and believe they are just out of reach, consider the Ohio State School for the Blind .  Their entire band is made up of blind college students who marched their way to the  Rose Parade. 

If you’d like to learn more about marching in general or the inspiring stories of marching band students, check out


2 responses to “Marching Blind

  1. WOW. Thanks for sharing this post. It always surprises me how the disabled persevere to overcome well…anything! Truly inspiring.

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