Postcards from Reading Camp

STATS: completed middle grade novel of 32,000 words (waiting for yet another edit)

IN A NUT SHELL: Reading camp is every bit the nightmare twelve-year old Kyle expected it to be.  And worse.

Dear Mom,

I am surviving, barely.  A thief stole my marbles and the school bell rings by itself.  Some kids say the camp is haunted, but the ghost of Cantankerous Jack doesn’t scare me.  I have bigger things to worry about.  Even bigger than reading and girls and a counselor who hates me. 

His name is Zeke.

Your endangered son, Kyle Sanlusky


MORE INFO:  Postcards from Reading Camp is the product of my son’s dyslexia and my relationship with Sylvan Learning Center as we worked to close the gap between his reading ability and his reading potential. 

Connor’s story can be found on the Sylvan website under The Music of Words part 1 and 2.  In addition, both he and I were interviewed for Sylvan’s 2006 National conference.  Our video was shown to the owners and directors of Sylvan Learning Centers across the US and Canada.  This interview was shortened and used in a three state area as a local television ad for Sylvan.   

Postcards from Reading Camp was written to provide a protagonist that reluctanct readers could identify with.  It is a book for them and about them and addresses the emotional impact that reading disabilties have on a child’s self esteem.


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