Writing Resources

I have a shelf brimming with reference books for writers.  I have a handful that I love and continuously turn to for their timeless advice.  If you are interested in a book without a link, you can find it on in the book section on Amazon.  In no particular order:

  • The 38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them) by Jack M. Bickman.  This humorous book succinctly highlights beginning writer’s mistakes.  It’s a quick read with easy to apply tips and tricks.
  • Damn the Rejections, Full Speed Ahead by Maralys Wills tells all about breaking into the industry and how to never, ever give up.  She shares great tips on things such as writing across genres and genders.  You won’t come away disappointed.
  • Robert’s Rules of Writing, 101 unconventional lessons every writer needs to know.  Robert Masello matches humor, style and practical application in one complete book.  This take anywhere guide should have writers spiffed up in no time.
  • Get Known before the Book Deal by Christina Katz is a wonderful lesson on self-marketing.  Her biggest lesson: start long before the contract is in hand. 
  • Children’s Writer’s Word Book by Alijandra Mogilner.  Likely my version of this book is already outdated, however, the lists provided in this breakdown of when words are introduced at what age is a giant help for picture book and chapter book writers who want to better understand the language skills of their audience.

I know there are other writing resources that my cyber buddies on Agent Query swear by.  Both of these come highly recommended.

  • The Writer’s Essential Tacklebox by Lynn Price.  I love her blog, so will likely  did purchase her book.  Her wit and charm rock my socks off and her advice is always spot on.  An AQ buddy swears by it.  Please check out my review for an in-depth of why I loved this book.
  • The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman.  Truth be told, I have this one, but have never managed to read past the first five pages.  Maybe it’s my subconscious denial of editing my own writing that keeps me from finishing!  Yet it is one of the most reknowned books on the craft and it would be worth any aspiring writer’s time to check it out. 

3 responses to “Writing Resources

  1. Why not look into options thru Lulu or some other self-printing site. I have two frdnies who have published thru LuLu and their books are available through Amazon. In this day and age it’s probably better to do it that way than try to get a publisher.Now and Editor is something else

  2. I nominated your blog for the Liebster award. I chose your blog because I enjoy reading it and find it interesting and useful. Whether or not you like blog awards, know that your work is appreciated!

    • Thank you, Lynx. I appreciate the award and the sentiments behind it. I will pop over to your blog in the next little bit.

      Hugs and thanks for thinking of me.

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