hush, hush

hush, hush

by Becca Fitzpatrick

Since it first hit the shelves, this urban fantasy has been reeling in the awards, including two Barnes and Noble picks and a debut spot on the New York Time’s Bestseller List.  The amazing jacket cover and the romantic blurb on the back reeled my daugther in as well.

Love, angst and friendship are all timeless stories.  Fitzpatrick adds the elements of the immortal and wraps it up in angel’s wings.

Nora Grey is a pretty typical teen.  She has a spunky best friend, a semi-absent mom and an incredibly good looking, yet dangerously secretive,  biology partner.  While their assignment is to find out the nitty-gritty on their partner, Patch already knows way more about Nora than she feels comfortable with. 

If that weren’t enough,  she finds herself the victim of a stalker who appears so real to her, yet fades into disbelief the moment she confides in anyone.  As Nora’s world spins out of control, she finds herself drawn closer to Patch and his secret that threatens to end her life.

*disclaimer: small spoiler ahead*

DD’s Favorite Character: Patch- because he’s a fallen angel and that’s pretty cool.  I’ve never read about angels before.  Most books like this are on vampires and stuff.  This was interesting.  Different.

Was Patch a believable character:  At some points.  Other times it was a little far-fetched, like when they were in the motel.  (Note that Mom did not remember the motel scene without prompting.  She must have blocked it out for fear that it was inappropriate for DD to read at the tender age of thirteen.)  Not that I didn’t like that part…

*disclaimer: large spoiler ahead*

DD Continues: I thought the gym wasn’t believable either- when he controlled her body.  Angels should not be able to do that.  Fallen or not.

If his behavior is so wrong, does he deserve what he gets at the end?  Everyone should get a second chance.

DD’s Least Fave: Elliot

But he had such a small part in the book.  Exactly why I didn’t like him. He seemed mischevious.  You could tell something was wrong with him.  By the way he was acting. 

What did you think of Nora?  She was alright.  Kind of a little Bella-ish.  Needy. 

Would you have written her differently?  No.  Even though Nora was Bella-ish.  It fits. 

So, does that mean heroines are supposed to be that way?  No.  (pauses with a slight grin) Not super needy and whiney.  But maybe a little.

DD’s Favorite Part of the Book:  When they were in the school.  It was thrilling.  Not scary, but thrilling. 

Did the ending surprise you? Yes.  The bad guy was not who I expected him to be.

And this is where Mom tuned out and DD tuned in: They should come out with a movie to it.

Who would play Patch?  Taylor Lauthner or Rob Patterson.

Who are they?  Twilight.  Taylor firsth, though.  He’s more…muscular.  He’s hot.

Mom tunes back in, validating the need to read and discuss with DD.  Is there a Patch in your school?  (Holy Wow!  She actually blushed and provided a name.) 

The silent question hangs in the air: does that mean you think he’s hot too?

Would you reccommend this book to anyone?  Yes, if they have the same taste in books.

And what taste is that? Romance, mystery and suspense.

DD’s Current Read: The Graceling by Kristin Cashore.


4 responses to “hush, hush

  1. I’m going to add this one to my list and probably Graceling too. Not sure which one I want to read more. Sheesh, why couldn’t I be born independently wealthy so I could afford all the books I want. Is this a problem for anyone else? 😉

  2. Wow Cate! We have pretty the same list! I loved Hush, hush and I have Graceling sitting on my shelf for perusal next! These are great reviews, I love your daughters answers! I am currently reading Wicked Lovely.

    • Shawna,

      Graceling was great. Fire, the companion novel, was even more amazing. Right now DD is in the middle of reading an autobiography for English and it is taking her FOREVER. I wish she would finish so we could review another book!

      I’ll have to check out Wicked Lovely.

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