River God

Ancient Egypt.  Death.  Love.  Longing.  War.

If you have never experienced Wilbur Smith, you are missing out.  This is by far my favorite “adult” book and the only one to currently make my list of faves.  Stepping into this novel is like stepping into another time. 

Smith’s lyrical prose transports me to another world.  When I read River God, I truly and completely lose myself.  I fall in love all over again with Taita the slave and mourn the loss of a kingdom as if I were living it in real time.  This book is one of the few that makes my perennial reading list.

My second favorite of Smith’s is Elephant Song.  I only read it once and have been unable to find it since, which is a tragedy because it would surely find a place in my top ten.


2 responses to “River God

  1. Hi Cat, I found your blog from Katy Board’s. I love historical fiction set in the classical world or the near east. Have you read any Jo Graham? Her first two books are “Black Ships” and “Hand of Isis.” Great world building in Ancient Troy and Egypt. Also, the incomparable Mary Renault, author of “The King Must Die” and many others set in ancient Greece.

    I am always on the lookout for good fiction set in this part of the world, and I wasn’t familiar with Smith, so thank for the tip!

    • Amy,

      I have read Mary Renault, but haven’t yet heard of Jo Graham. Her books sound great. Anything with Isis or the other gods piques my interest. I always say there are three eras I would have loved to live in: Ancient Egypt, Medieval times and the wild west! The twenty first century is blase compared to those times.

      I’ll have to check out your suggestions. Also, if you do read Wilbur Smith, I hope you like him. Elephant Song is so haunting and beautiful. River God amazing and powerful. I feel as if I am right there when I read. Total immersion!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

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