The Gruffalo

Just to set the record straight, there is no better picture book on the market for little monsters than Julia Donaldson’s The Gruffalo

Reminiscent of Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are), the story of a little mouse’s journey through the deep dark woods is a rhyming delight.  By the time you read how mouse tricks the animals into not eating him, both you and your little one will be satisfied by the mouse’s wit and the Gruffalo’s charming gruesomeness. 

My boys love this book–and so do my nieces. 

And, of course, so do I!  It’s one you can read over and over and over again and never grow tired of the beautiful illustrations or the lyrical prose.  Our record is seven readings in one sitting. 

To put that in perspective, no book has ever made it past four in a row before.

I hope you will check this book out for the little monster in your life.  It’s well worth the money.


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