Bloom~ blogvel

Yay for the 2012 traveling blog novel, BLOOM. Started by Michelle Simkins and penned by authors across the blogosphere, this year’s blogvel is a topsy-turvy ride into a world of fantasy where metal flowers grow and turn people into gold.

Please enjoy! And don’t forget to leave a comment for each author along the way. It’s a very difficult (yet fun) endeavor to piece together a cohesive story this way and the participating writers would love to hear from actual readers about the plot twists and characters they’ve worked so hard create.

Many of the authors penned a chapter in the 2011 blogvel, SKELETON KEY. Some had short stories published in SPRING FEVERS or will have something for you to read in the follow-up anthology THE FALL, coming out in the fall of 2012.

Thanks for your supporting the written word.

Bloom Table of Contents

Click on the Chapter Number to be taken directly to the chapter you want!


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