The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins rocks my socks off.  She is one of my all time favorite juvenile lit authors.  Her first series, The Underland Chronicles, took my house by storm.  My daughter and I devoured her fantastical tale of a present day Alice in Wonderland.  I highly recommend these books for middle schoolers with big imaginations and a bigger appetite for adventure.

The Hunger Games.  Seemlessly written, this thought provoking tale of a dystopian world will leave you breathless.  When I talk about this book, the description is less than appealing.  In a quick jacket cover blurb, it’s about a girl who is thrust into a ruthless game where kids kill kids and only one child can survive.  My listeners stare at me and say, “I could never read a book like that.”

Yet, there is something compelling in the queasy reality of it all and most people decide to “give it a try.”  Which really means they swallow it in one quick sitting and cry for more.  The book is amazing.

Don’t short yourself on the opportunity to read one of the best juvenile lit books around.


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