Kid Projects

I love writing for kids. Actually, I love everything about kids. I love their excitment, innocence, sense of humor, emotional roller coasters and their tumultuous journey of self-discovery.

As parents, it is our job to foster our children in any way we can to help them become happy, healthy adults. It’s our responsibility to educate them, love them, discipline them, respect them and expect great things from them.

While writing for infants through middle grade, I strive to provide stories that will help your child’s development: emotionally, socially and physcially.

Some day, I hope my stories find their way to a bookshelf in your home, school or library. I hope that we can, on some level, share the journey of shaping the next generation of children to become viable adults.

Thanks for caring enough about your child to be here today. And thanks for supporting me in my writing journey!



2 responses to “Kid Projects

  1. Jody,
    This is the first day that I have sat down to read some of your blogs and I am excited about it! Your writing is, of course, well done and interesting. I would expect no less. It will be fun to check in occasionally to see the progress you are making. Good luck!

    • Thanks for stopping in, Carol. I love writing and hope someday to do the craft justice.

      I hope after the holidays to get my project summaries up. It can take some time.


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