MAD Reviews

My Dear Daughter and I share a love of juvenile literature.  She reads it because she’s thirteen fifteen.  I read it because I believe every parent should know what their kids are reading.  It’s not censorship.  It’s responsibility and provides the perfect opportunity for families to discuss contemporary media and the connotations that surround it.

Also, I’m a big kid at heart.

MAD stands for Mother and Daughter.  Squashed as she is between her brothers, we started the tradition of MAD Time to better balance DD’s needs within a testosterone filled home.  And with a face like that, how could I resist?

For every simultaneous finish on a novel, DD and I will write a MAD Review.  I hope some of our reads spark your interest.  If you have any commentary to add, please do so.  Discussion is always welcome.

~Mother And Daughter review team


6 responses to “MAD Reviews

  1. Awww, I so love the pic of you guys. What an adorable pair. 😀

  2. Sweetest picture ever and an even better idea!

    • Thank you. We love it. I think our next book to review might be Beautiful Creatures. If she ever finishes it. Speech has gotten in the way of her time recently.

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