I won’t lie to you.  Unwind is a disturbing book. 

This YA deals with the right to life and how it affects children in Neal Shusterman’s dystopian world.  To get a glimpse of what I mean, check out this site and scroll down until you find the Human Bill of Rights.  It is truly mind-blowing.

However, the unique story that unfolds is one of hope.  It makes readers think about what their lives mean. 

What would their parents do if given the choice to unwind their children in a way that neither kills them nor allows them to live? 

While much of this book was very well-written, it wasn’t the prose that engaged me.  It was the characters, their stories and their fight for survival in a world that values the idea of life, but not necessarily the quality of it.

Do not read this book to be entertained.  Rather, read it to explore your ideals.  And when you are done, pit your value system against Shusterman’s world. 

While this book is a YA, I feel as if it is a book that every parent should read with their children.


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