I Gained An Hour and a New Writing Resource

I admit to a bit of jealousy. Every two weeks, I’ve been phone conferencing collaborators on a writing project. Every two weeks I get the glowing report of warm California days and milder Virginia weather. My Minnesotan toes go cold just hearing about their sinful temps.

After all, it’s hard to brag when area schools are closing down due to dangerous wind chills and events are being postponed to allow blizzards to move through.

However, a bit of research this morning made me one happy writer. Because our project is set in a different state, I have been gathering as much info about my setting as possible. Temps. Cost of living. Demographics concerning religion, ethnicity and education. What’s the geography in NE Missouri? Yeah, that’s right. Missouri.

I know what you’re thinking: it doesn’t make a lot of sense for people living in Sunny California, Historic Virginia or Rural Minnesota to place a main character dead center between them. But we did. And so research, I must.

In doing so, I found the most amazing website for writers. Maybe I live in a hole and timeanddate.com is as well-known as a keyboard to most of you, but for me, the wealth of info found there instantly relegated the website to my faves.

If you’ve not seen it, heard of it or used it, I suggest you check it out. At least if you’re writing about–or traveling to–a place far, far away from where you eat, breathe and live. It will put things like sunset into perspective.

Because of timeanddate.com, the green glow of jealousy has receded slightly. After all, I discovered that I have far more summer to enjoy than my California counterparts.

The sun sets on those poor souls at 8:08pm. I, on the other hand, get to bask in daylight until 9:12, thus relishing one hour and twenty-four seconds more sun on June 21st than they.

Somehow, I picture myself relaxing in my poolside garden, surrounded by my family and sipping a cocktail as I bank those precious moments against forty below wind chills and 4:53 winter sunsets.

What would you do with an extra hour? What other  resources are must faves for penning settings outside your traditional stomping grounds?

Curious minds want to know.

10 responses to “I Gained An Hour and a New Writing Resource

  1. I’ve never heard of that site either! this is completely awesome – thanks!! 🙂

  2. Back to add my sun doesn’t set until 9:24 on June 21st, so I’m smiling too 🙂

  3. I would do what ever I wanted with that extra hour, but consider the sunshine on June 21 in Alaska, ah for a couple of months is does not even get dark. You have to love it. But sadly I’m not in Alaska any more, I hang my hat in Texas, so I don’t even have that one extra hour. I write under the stars.

  4. An extra hour? Read! and maybe write 😉

  5. Ummmm..I guess I would cuddle with my girlfriend in the added hour 😉
    Jokes aside, your writing has a natural free flow that amazes me. Please keep writing more. It hooks up the reader. God bless!
    And, thanks for the link, have not heard of it before. 🙂

    Do check and provide me some tips on a short stoy of mine. I ma trying to learn more from people like you http://yourstoryclub.com/short-stories-love/funny-love-story-met-her-in-bank/

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