A Day of Donor Thankfulness

For forty years my body has behaved perfectly.  My nephew’s only did for fourteen.  Within the last month, both of us have replaced worn out parts–him a tendon and me some jawbone.

My utmost thanks goes to the unknown donors who will make our lives–and our recoveries–easier.

My utmost thanks also goes to the known donors in my life.

I thank the writing community at AgentQuery Connect and the daily donations my fellow scribes freely give.  The gifts of time, talent and even treasure are exchanged between individuals who have never met and likely never will.

Thank you, AQCrew and the beautiful site you have provided us.  If it weren’t for you, I would never have met so many wonderful people I call friends.  I wouldn’t have my agent because I’d still be debating whether or not I needed one.  I also wouldn’t have the confidence I now have in calling myself a writer.  You will forever rock my world, and I would give my firstborn son to you out of gratitude if he wasn’t turning eighteen in a few months.

I thank the Class of 09 for being the wonderfully supportive group of peeps that you are.  As odd as some of us can be at times, we make a pretty stellar team when you lump us into one room.  I would do anything within my power for any one of you.

I thank the newest members who join AQC every day in hopes of reaching their dreams.  Your enthusiasm continually pushes me to be better.  You might not realize it, but your donation to the community is invaluable.

Another thanks goes to my blogging friends.  Connecting with you through your writing is always a joy.  Seeing your successes and commiserating in your losses–personal and professional–gives me hope that the world really is a wonderful place to be.

Additionally, the comments I receive on my blog are some of the best donations around.  Some make me laugh, while others nearly bring me to tears.  They all bring me joy and motivate me to keep writing.

And finally and most importantly, I thank my family and real friends (as opposed to my imaginary, cyber ones).  Your support is unparalleled.  Even if you don’t know what an anthology is.  Or should I say especially?  Because despite not knowing how gruelling the writing process can be, your encouragement makes me believe in myself.  I am almost more afraid to let you down than I am of disappointing myself.

Life is full of gifts, given to us in tiny, unimaginable ways.  We don’t always recognize them for what they are, or appreciate them when we do.  We take things for granted that we should cherish instead.  Like our knees and our teeth.  Like our ability to breathe and live life.  We forget that someone, somewhere, has donated a portion of themselves to help make our lives easier and better.

So thank you.  From the bottom of my heart, thanks for being you.

hugs~ cat


11 responses to “A Day of Donor Thankfulness

  1. “Life is full of gifts, given to us in tiny, unimaginable ways.” So very true. Beautiful post sweet friend and thank you for your deep well of heartfelt words. (Hugs) Indigo

  2. Of my gosh! A new jaw bit? Yeeeee. I hope you heal well and are gabbing and laughing again soon!

    And thank *you* for being a very timely cheerleader with my MG story. I’m not sure how you always know when to pipe up and give me an encouraging word, but you do!

    So thank you to you, too. (We’re all pretty thankful for you over at AQC too, you know.)

    • LOL, Jean, not the whole thing! Just a wee little bit. I shall laugh and gab unceremoniously online, as my fingers are still all mine! And I didn’t have the nickname of Mouth as a child because I’m quiet in person either.

      *waves pompoms and thinks good thoughts*

      You better watch out for the shoutbox on AQC. When I get back to normal, you’ll have to gag me to keep me from shouting encouragement.

  3. Wow. Hope you’re all healed up soon, both of you. We take our health for granted until it gives out. I echo your thanks to all the writerly types in my life, especially those I’ve met blogging and at AQ Connect.

  4. Very heartfelt post. As I mentioned before, I recently had a battle with losing my eye sight that I nearly lost and so I am also thankful to those people who helped me through and the skilled providers that worked on my eyes. We are very lucky, but sometimes we just don’t see it.

    • True, true. Void. As I was under the drill, I was intensely thankful, and mystified, by the skill and technology that allowed my surgery to occur without a hitch.

      Now if only recover was as easy!

  5. Cat, this is the sweetest thing I’ve read in a long while. ^_^ Thank YOU for the constant donation of kindness and sheer awesomeness you give to the world! I hope your jaw repair goes swimmingly!

  6. Yes, your blogs are a continual source of light, cheer and learning. Thanks for that and I hope you both recover soon!

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